Thumbs up for Pilot's Pos Fingerprint recognition system

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Traditional access control systems still pose security problems, as methods such as magnetic cards and pin-based systems are vulnerable to theft and fraud.

Pilot Software claims to be the first local company to incorporate fingerprint identification technology into its software system. Called Pilot Touch, this new fingerprint recognition device is specifically aimed at access control in the POS hospitality industry.

But as Kevan McQuade, Managing Director of Pilot Software says, “This device can also be used across all other industries, where access control is vital to a business – it is inexpensive, error-free and incredibly quick to access. Fingerprint recognition devices were not a viable identification option a few years ago, but due to the dramatic reduction in costs, it is perhaps the most foolproof, totally accurate and affordable method of identifying an individual in the workplace.”

Easy to instal and use

McQuade adds, “It also so easy to instal and use – you simply scan your staff’s fingerprint to register, and each time they need to access your POS system, they simply touch the device with their finger. The identity of the person is checked and access is given. Gone are the cumbersome, expensive, easy-to-lose magnetic cards and passwords which are open to abuse.”

Pilot Software’s fingerprint device is linked to Pilot POS and back-office system which is recognised as one of the leading food and beverage management software solutions, developed by restaurateurs specifically for the franchise and independent restaurant market. It has evolved over the past nine years into an affordable, scaleable and stable system that caters for the unique needs of the South African hospitality industry.

Pilot Software, part of the JSE-listed Softline Group, introduced the first locally developed Windows-based version of the Pilot POS system early this year.

For details contact Kevan McQuade of Pilot Software on tel: (011) 321 2797, fax: (011) 444 6824 or

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