Integrated Solutions

Stadium security with Panomera
Issue 6 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)
To be able to better identify and track perpetrators and thus reduce financial and non-material damage in a soccer stadium, the operator opted for a video security solution from Dallmeier.

Plan to use AI? Get your data ready
Issue 6 2023, Infrastructure
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often perceived as an intelligent system that can handle any task. However, this notion crumbles when the AI is given poorly formatted or incorrect data. You cannot simply provide a few spreadsheets or databases to AI and expect it to work flawlessly.

Smart water management
Issue 6 2023, Axis Communications SA, Surveillance
South Africa is currently facing a water crisis, with scarcity and inefficient water management posing significant challenges to sustainable, consistent access to water. Smart technology and powerful partnerships may offer a proactive solution to SA's water crisis.

Empowering Istanbul’s public transportation
Issue 6 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Surveillance
Dahua's intelligent transportation solution, using technologies like DSM and AI-based passenger flow counting, has facilitated an intelligent system upgrade for nearly 6 400 minibuses and electric buses in Istanbul.

Collaboration delivers integrated and holistic security
Issue 6 2023, Guardian Eye, Surveillance, News & Events
Guardian Eye and Lytehouse have partnered to integrate their speciality solutions and provide a holistic security offering that overcomes the fragmentation of security systems and services.

Smart obsession: Cities within security
Issue 6 2023, Business Connexion, Infrastructure
Rebatho Madiba, from BCX, explores the security and connectivity considerations that define the development of smart city foundations, naturally, with connectivity and security the most important considerations.

Project services to best-practice standards
Issue 6 2023, Mustek Security Technologies
Mustek Security Technologies is dedicated to providing security solutions and distributing the full spectrum of blue-chip surveillance solution-driven products, primarily for the government and corporate arena.

Rapid deployment video surveillance
Issue 6 2023, Surveillance
Kelly McLintock explores the importance of implementing rapid deployment video surveillance systems on construction sites to enhance safety, minimise losses, eliminate downtime, and promote productivity.

Cultivating safer and smarter cities
Issue 5 2023, Surveillance
As a provider of video management software (VMS) and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions, AxxonSoft enables cities to anticipate and respond swiftly to security threats through advanced video analytics and intelligent surveillance capabilities.

Overcoming resistance to changing your current operating model
Issue 5 2023, Editor's Choice
Business survival goes beyond cutting costs and driving efficiency, it’s about using data and technology as strategic assets to develop speed, agility and resilience, keep up with customer demands, beat the competition and grow the business.

Access to sustainability
Issue 5 2023, Gallagher
With access control and mobile solutions rapidly advancing, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to exceed expectations with frictionless experiences, while also cutting costs on energy efficiency and supporting sustainability efforts.

Cloud for security and operational optimisation
Issue 5 2023, Secutel Technologies, Retail (Industry), Surveillance
With the abundance of services available to retailers, SMART Security Solutions asked Andre Vermeulen, GM at Secutel Technologies about what the company’s SecuVue cloud services can do for this market.

Partnering for security and more
Issue 5 2023, Guardian Eye, Retail (Industry), Surveillance
From a smart retail perspective, it is crucial to understand that monitoring stock and other assets through camera surveillance and a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors stretches further than the stores themselves.

Secury360 puts security on autopilot
Issue 4 2023, Products & Solutions
Secury360 has introduced geofencing and in-app scheduling features to its app, empowering users to effortlessly arm and disarm their security systems, optimising the way they safeguard their surroundings.

Axxon PSIM 1.0.1 released
Issue 4 2023, Axxonsoft, Surveillance, Products & Solutions
AxxonSoft has released version 1.0.1 of Axxon PSIM, an advanced distributed physical security information management platform that combines intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity, and event-driven automation capabilities in a single environment.

An unbiased witness always present
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Betatrac Telematic Solutions, doculam , Forbatt SA, Secutel Technologies, Surveillance, Products & Solutions
Smart Security Solutions ask a number of body-worn camera providers for their take on the market and what features and functionality their latest solutions include.

Fit for purpose
SMART Surveillance 2023
Although Africa is a continent that is prolific in producing leading edge innovations in the software engineering space, we far too often look to first world products to solve some of our own continent’s problems.

Considerations for false alarm AI systems
SMART Surveillance 2023, Cathexis Technologies, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
The number of false alarms advanced analytics flag as real events can weigh down operators in the control room as most of their time is spent dealing with alerts, only to classify them as false alarms.

AI cameras for logistics
SMART Surveillance 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Logistics (Industry), Surveillance
More than 800 high-definition AI surveillance cameras, equipment for 60 access control points, and a unified security management system has been supplied by Dahua Technology to a warehouse in Europe.

Parking by camera
SMART Surveillance 2023, LD Africa, Technews Publishing, Surveillance
The idea of parking solutions is efficiency, making it easier for drivers to find a parking spot, as well as to offer the company managing the area more insight into usage patterns and behaviours.


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