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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

This Week's Editor's Pick

2019 cybersecurity crystal ball
February 2019, Wolfpack Information Risk, Cyber Security

Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk says the cyber landscape will be more volatile and dangerous in 2019, are we ready?

SA fleet management report
February 2019, Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Security Services & Risk Management

IoT analyst firm, Berg Insight, says the installed base of fleet management systems in South Africa to reach 2,5 million units by 2022.

Security systems and technical support
February 2019, Leaderware, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Dr Craig Donald says the value of good technical management and staff in overseeing and maintaining CCTV installations is often underrated.

Surviving the new norm
February 2019, Technews Publishing, Integrated Solutions, Conferences & Events, Training & Education

The 2018 Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa (Camprosa) conference was well supported and once again improved upon previous conferences.

Business resilience will be key in 2019
February 2019, ContinuitySA, Security Services & Risk Management

One of the most important trends to emerge in recent years is that it is increasingly difficult to identify individual risks in isolation, says Michael Davies, CEO, ContinuitySA.

Secure parking on major routes
February 2019, Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Security Services & Risk Management

Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to Phambili Gama, COO of Zimele Investment Enterprise Company about its Zimele Truck Stops and the security in place to ensure the safety of people and assets on the sites.

50% of companies can’t detect IoT breaches
February 2019, Cyber Security, IT infrastructure

Only around half (48%) of businesses can detect if any of their IoT devices suffer a breach. This comes despite an increased focus on IoT security.

Attack of the thingbots
February 2019, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions

New F5 Labs research reveals IoT devices are now hackers’ No.1 target as multi-purpose attack thingbots loom large.

Trends for 2019
February 2019, Technews Publishing, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks around to find out what we can expect to see happening in the security market in 2019.

AI delivers autonomous efficiencies
February 2019, Technews Publishing, Security Services & Risk Management

Active Track adds artificial intelligence to its people-tracking solution to transform it into an effective, streamlined management application.

Fingerprints protect privacy for AIDS testing
November 2018, Access Control & Identity Management

A creative, progressive NGO uses biometric fingerprint scanning to redefine confidentiality and AIDS treatment in South Africa.

Physical and logical convergence is a fact
November 2018, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure

Convergence, the next buzzword? A dated buzzword? Is convergence ­merely ­integration on steroids? What is convergence?

Digital channels and the evolution of ID
November 2018, Access Control & Identity Management, IT infrastructure

While the concept of identity (ID) remains unchanged, the rapid evolution of digital technology has dramatically extended both its application and form factor.

Trust but continually verify
November 2018, Technews Publishing, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure

Hi-Tech Security Solutions looks at access and identity management and asks some industry players what ‘zero trust’ and ‘least privilege’ access means.

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