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A look at visitor management
SMART Estate Security 2023, Technews Publishing, Entry Pro, neaMetrics
Managing visitors is one of the tasks estate security has been doing for years and will have to continue doing for the foreseeable future. SMART Security Solutions asked neaMetrics and Entry Pro what their latest solution offerings are.

AI Video Analytics Competition: R50 000 in prizes up for grabs
Issue 6 2023, DeepAlert
Stand a chance to win a share of R50 000 in prizes by testing the effectiveness of DeepAlert's cloud-based AI video analytics on your own surveillance footage or images.

Stadium security with Panomera
Issue 6 2023, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)
To be able to better identify and track perpetrators and thus reduce financial and non-material damage in a soccer stadium, the operator opted for a video security solution from Dallmeier.

What South Africans need to know about smart devices
Issue 6 2023, Technews Publishing
We live in a world surrounded by smart devices, from our pockets to our driveways and living rooms.

From overwhelm to oversight
Issue 6 2023, Information Security, Products & Solutions
Security automation is vital in today’s world, and Microsoft Sentinel is a widely adopted, but complex answer. ContraForce is an easy-to-use add-on that automatically processes, verifies and warns of threats round-the-clock.

SMART Surveillance Conference 2023
Issue 6 2023, Technews Publishing, Surveillance, Conferences & Events
Some people think the future is all about cloud technologies, but the SMART Surveillance conference demonstrated that AI is making edge surveillance much more attractive, over distributed sites, than ever before.

Has your business planned for the worst?
Issue 5 2023, Information Security, Security Services & Risk Management
Incident response is a specialised part of security, like a hospital's intensive care unit: IR kicks in when the organisation detects a breach of its systems to stop criminals from doing more damage.

Making a difference with human intelligence gathering
Issue 6 2023, Marathon Consulting
Eva Nolle believes that woman should stand their ground as they often bring an entirely different skill set to the table, which enhances the overall service delivered.

Milestone celebrates women in security
Issue 6 2023, Milestone Systems, Technews Publishing, News & Events, Conferences & Events
The Milestone Systems’ African team wanted to express their appreciation for the incredible contributions of the women in the security industry and held a breakfast in honour of the hard-working women in the industry on 8 August.

Supporting CCTV intelligence with small and big data
Issue 6 2023, Leaderware, Surveillance
The increasing development of AI and its role in enhancing investigation-led surveillance, and the increasing capacity of control rooms and local analysts to deliver data in return, can increase the synergy between intelligence and surveillance.

Overcoming resistance to changing your current operating model
Issue 5 2023, Integrated Solutions
Business survival goes beyond cutting costs and driving efficiency, it’s about using data and technology as strategic assets to develop speed, agility and resilience, keep up with customer demands, beat the competition and grow the business.

The road to Zero Trust not necessarily paved with gold
Issue 5 2023, Access Control & Identity Management, Information Security
Paul Meyer says that while Zero Trust must be the goal, there are a few potholes to navigate on the journey. Here he expands on these caveats, but also exposes the greatest ally of Zero Trust.

More agile, flexible access management
Issue 5 2023, ASSA ABLOY South Africa, Access Control & Identity Management
Tim Timmins from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions examines the growing shift towards cloud access management. How can organisations benefit, and what should they look for when choosing a cloud access control solution?

Enhancing innovation with training
Issue 5 2023, Technews Publishing, Impro Technologies
Innovation is key to the success of any company in the security market, but ensuring those who sell and support your product are able to promote and support the brand name is critical.

Zero Trust: A paradigm shift in cybersecurity
Issue 5 2023
Zero Trust is a security philosophy that assumes no implicit trust in any user, device, or network within an organisation; it requires organisations to verify and validate every user and device attempting to access resources.

Record number of visitors attend Securex South Africa 2023
Issue 5 2023, Technews Publishing, Securex South Africa , News & Events, Conferences & Events
The turnout at Securex South Africa, held from 6 to 8 June 2023, was staggering, with a record number of 6401 Securex visitors crossing the threshold at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Expanding focus leads to even greater effectiveness
Issue 5 2023, Leaderware, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management
Dr Craig Donald says expanding stakeholder involvement beyond security to operations and production leads to greater control room surveillance effectiveness and the potential of additional budgets from other departments.

From physiology to security technology
Issue 5 2023, Technews Publishing, Access Control & Identity Management, News & Events, Security Services & Risk Management
Zulmira Ferraz has a long history in the security industry and is the founder of ElementC, a security technology development company that provides clients with synergetic technologies solutions to streamline processes and secure their sites.

Security professionals brace for a new wave of emerging cybersecurity threats
Issue 4 2023, Information Security, News & Events
Security professionals have their jobs cut out for them, with 74% saying their organisation’s sensitive data was potentially compromised or breached in the last year, according to Forrester.

Global video surveillance market impacted by China slowdown
Issue 4 2023, Surveillance, News & Events
New research from Novaira Insights reveals that the global video surveillance market declined by 3,4% in 2022 due to a massive 18,6% decline in the Chinese market. However, outside China, most markets continued to grow.


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