Access Control & Identity Management

Suprema development tools
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Suprema, Integrated Solutions
With integrating systems from different companies a critical part of an effective security solution, Suprema highlights its development tools aimed at making integration with its products simpler.

The future of touchless biometrics
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Technews Publishing, Fulcrum Biometrics, Integrated Solutions
Facial biometrics is the main talking point today, helped along by COVID, but is it the best touchless solution available? Rob Griggs from Fulcrum Biometrics Southern Africa recommends other touchless alternatives.

The problem with biometrics
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions
We have come to rely heavily on biometrics for many aspects of access and identity management, especially in identity management where selfie authentication is accepted with confidence. Are we doing it right? Roger Grimes has his own take on the matter.

Can we fix identity risks and privacy issues?
SMART Access & Identity 2023
The essence of the blockchain is that a chain of different entities maintains identical ledger copies. If you verify or alter the ledger, it must reflect across all the copies.

Paxton begins Tech Tour in South Africa
Issue 1 2023, Paxton, Training & Education
The Paxton Tech Tour 2023 is free to attend and a chance for installers to develop knowledge and explore business opportunities with Paxton’s products and services. Its South African events start in February and will continue at locations around the country for months.

Remote access anywhere, anytime
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Secutel Technologies
NoKey from Secutel Technologies is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based access control solution with no need for access control cards, fingerprint readers, tags, or keys.

Facing the future
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Suprema
As a proven leader, Suprema has the expertise and resources necessary to stay abreast and ahead, whilst maintaining the quality excellence for which it is renowned.

More than saying hello
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Technews Publishing, TOA Electronics, XtraVision
Are we seeing an increase in market demand for video intercoms, and more user control through management functionality on mobile apps?

The technology behind Distributed Acoustic Sensing
SMART Access & Identity 2023, XtraVision, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Products
FOTAS is a fibre optic based Distributed Acoustic Sensor; the solution is a combination of optics, electronics, and computer science, which together make this device as effective as it is.

Automated T&A increases workplace happiness
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Suprema
Efficient time and attendance services can help mitigate clerical errors that cause employees to feel unhappy or dissatisfied with their jobs, while empowering them at the same time.

Taking T&A on the road
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Jarrison Systems
Keeping accurate time and job logs for workers out on the road made easier with JT Clock from Jarrison Systems.

ACaaS should be on your radar
SMART Access & Identity 2023, IoT Revolution Technologies, IT infrastructure
Access Control-as-a-Service provides many benefits and can reduce CAPEX costs without compromising security when handled correctly and with the right partner.

Cyber is a core component of access control
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Cyber Security
When it comes to access control and identity management, cybersecurity plays a critical role in helping to ensure that only authorised users can gain access to a system and that they are who they claim to be.

The benefits of electronic locking
SMART Access & Identity 2023, ADI Global Distribution
Electronic locks enhance security through the inherent benefits of the built-in technology and mechanisms, while also improving security by providing a simple visual deterrent to criminals and vandals.

Cloud security best for centralised control
SMART Access & Identity 2023, iPulse Systems
While cloud has been resisted for access control by some, there is no longer a doubt that access control in the cloud is the way the market is going, and it will soon be the predominant technology.

Access control data for business efficiency and optimisation
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Gallagher
Through analysing access control data, customers can reduce energy consumption and save money thanks to integrated building and site management systems.

Gallagher to showcase new Controller 7000 single door
Issue 8 2022, Technews Publishing, Products
Gallagher will be showcasing its latest access control innovation, the Controller 7000 Single Door on its stand at Intersec Dubai from 17-19 January 2023.

eGate global hardware revenue to grow by 137% between 2023 and 2027
Issue 1 2023, Government and Parastatal (Industry), News
A new study from Juniper Research has found that eGate hardware revenue will exceed $490 million by 2027; up from $207 million in 2023. The report, Border Security Technologies: Emerging Trends, Key Opportunities ...

Smart parking management platform
Issue 8 2022, Asset Management, EAS, RFID
Parket builds a seamless bridge between supply and the ever-increasing, but fluid – and often temporary – demand for parking bays.

Visible-light facial recognition terminal
Issue 8 2022, ZKTeco, Products
The SpeedFace-V5L [P] is a visible-light facial recognition terminal using intelligently engineered facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology.


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