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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Worlds smallest complete set-top videoconferencing unit from Sony.
August '99

Sony has introduced the PCS-1500, the smallest set-top videoconferencing unit in the world. The PCS-1500 is simple to use and possesses an impressive range of user facilities as well as being a very ...

Frank Street introduces DigiNet 2000 digital recorder
June '99

Digital recorders are a very recent development in the CCTV industry, and it goes without slaying that it is a technology that is not well understood by the security industry. It is, however, common knowledge ...

Grundig offers range of digital recording solutions.
June '99

CCTV systems have been extensively used as not only a crime prevention system (due to its deterrent value) but also as an event recording medium so that incidents can be reviewed after they have occurred. ...

Outlining CCTV training areas.
June '99

CCTV training is often associated with how to operate the equipment and software systems an organisation uses. The CCTV 'system' that one has to look at, however, is far broader. In order to have functional ...

Legrand's Mosaic range of self contained access control readers available nationally.
June '99

Legrand's Mosaic range of plugs, switches and sockets includes coded keypad controls, a self-contained access control reader and electronic keys, designed to efficiently control and monitor access security. The ...

CCTV Industry Management Training Needs Survey
July '99

Please rate the points below in terms of how important you feel it is to have training content provided as part of industry practice by placing a tick in the relevant column. Once you have done this, ...

Philips introduces LTC 3995 Series digital video recorders
June '99

The Philips LTC 3995 Series are video recording systems that record video images digitally on their internal hard drive. Playback of the high quality images it produces is accomplished using a standard ...

GKB CCTV - Suppliers of high-quality equipment to Sesco Security.
June '99

In the early eighties cameras, which were as large and as heavy as bricks and consumed a great deal of power, used tube technology from the days of early electronics. These tubes had to be changed every ...

Intellex provides effective video management for diverse applications
June '99

Intellex, Sensormatic's award winning video management tool is proving effective in a wide range of applications world-wide. According to Sensormatic Distribution's Brian Hill, the company's flagship ...

Sensormatic sees bright future for digital recording
June '99

According to Sensormatic's Brian Hill, analogue video recording and storage devices are on their way out. Analogue time lapse VCR's (TLVCR) have been with us for some time, but have had their inherent ...

CCTV whizzkids seek SA associations – seriously !
July '99

UK-based CCTV ancillary products manufacturer Conway Security Products drew a great deal of attention at IFSEC 99 in Birmingham. Having traditionally been a fabricator of enclosures and heavy duty pan ...

New generation low light/high resolution digital colour cameras offered by A'pro Vision
June '99

A'pro Vision, as an agent for Southern Africa and distributor for A'Pro CCTV cameras, has announced the launch of its new generation high sensitivity 0.05 Lux (F:1.2) digital colour camera, with resolution ...

New Digi-Eye digital video recorder and transmission system available from Reditron
November '99

Reditron has announced a new addition to its range of transmission and digital recording equipment. Digi-Eye is the latest in modern technological architecture combining the best of transmission capabilities ...

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