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Connecting the ecosystem
SMART Surveillance 2023, Axis Communications SA, Technews Publishing, Conferences & Events
The Connect by Axis function was aimed at discussing the latest solutions, technologies, and strategies shaping the surveillance industry’s future with customers and partners.

Accurate, fast and simple video search
SMART Surveillance 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Products
Dahua’s AcuPick analyses target features data via intelligent IPC, extracts target feature values using its back-end intelligence capacity and compares them with those in the historical data from the IPC.

AI cameras for logistics
SMART Surveillance 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Logistics (Industry), Integrated Solutions
More than 800 high-definition AI surveillance cameras, equipment for 60 access control points, and a unified security management system has been supplied by Dahua Technology to a warehouse in Europe.

Dahua AIoT Summit 2023
SMART Surveillance 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Conferences & Events
Dahua Technology’s annual summit recognised the company’s partners and highlighted a variety of new products and solutions the company has on offer to specific verticals and the market in general.

Parking by camera
SMART Surveillance 2023, LD Africa, Technews Publishing, Integrated Solutions
The idea of parking solutions is efficiency, making it easier for drivers to find a parking spot, as well as to offer the company managing the area more insight into usage patterns and behaviours.

Delivering value beyond video
SMART Surveillance 2023, Cathexis Technologies, Integrated Solutions
The efficiency of a VMS lies in how effectively it provides a return on investment, going beyond surveillance to deliver solutions that address operational challenges, protect assets and boost productivity.

AI in the Box
SMART Surveillance 2023, Products
IDIS launches enterprise-level, pre-configured video analytics server for large scale applications to make use of the power of its in-house developed and trained IDIS Deep Learning Engine.

Seeing colour in the dark
SMART Surveillance 2023, Hikvision South Africa
Hikvision unveils next-generation ColorVu technology with enhanced low-light imaging using Super Confocal and Smart Hybrid Light innovations providing sharper imaging made possible with precise focusing in ultra-low light and flexible hybrid lighting modes.

The latest in low-light technology
SMART Surveillance 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Hikvision South Africa, Products
Smart Surveillance takes a look at the latest low-light camera solutions from Hikvision and Dahua, including the use of supplemental lighting in the form of white and/or Infrared light.

Smart systems need smart people to work
SMART Surveillance 2023, Leaderware, Editor's Choice
With the use of the AI term and adverts talking about intelligent systems and learning, it seems from the marketing narratives, we can almost hand over much of control room security to AI based systems.

Women in Security: The drive to succeed
SMART Surveillance 2023, Editor's Choice
Colleen Glaeser is a success story 23 years in the making, experiencing first-hand the challenges and triumphs that come with pursuing a career in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Body-worn cameras and the truth
SMART Surveillance 2023, Forbatt SA, Integrated Solutions
In recent years, body-worn cameras (BWC) have gained significant attention as a means of enhanced transparency and accountability in various fields, including law enforcement, security and emergency services.

AI for gun detection and false alarm reduction
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management
Sonny Tai, CEO and co-founder of Actuate stopped by the Smart Security Solutions’ stand at Securex to tell us about the company, its history and what it can do to reduce the false alarm rates.

Home security made simple
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Residential Estate (Industry), Smart Home Automation
Premium Brand Distributors unveiled the eufy Security and Anker PowerHouse products and solutions at Securex, including solar-powered home security cameras, video doorbells and power stations to keep users safe, without Eskom’s help.

African developed and trained AI
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Integrated Solutions, Products
EdgeDock’s Executive Chairman, Andile Ngcaba spoke to SMART Security Solutions at Securex 2023 to talk about the company and what it offers to South African and African customers and partners.

Edge technology can transform manufacturing in South Africa
SMART Surveillance 2023, Axis Communications SA, Integrated Solutions, Industrial (Industry)
Aligning South African manufacturing more closely with this global shift to edge technologies could take manufacturing in the country to a new level, says Axis Communications’ Rudie Opperman.

The pros and cons of edge surveillance
SMART Surveillance 2023, Hikvision South Africa, Technews Publishing, Axis Communications SA, IT infrastructure, Products
At first, edge surveillance seemed like an ideal solution, especially in a world adopting IoT technologies at a rapid pace, but after the hard sell, what works for the customer is what counts.

Dallmeier releases ‘PlanD’
SMART Surveillance 2023, Products
Dallmeier’s new planning application is an innovative tool through which users can independently create professional camera plans without any knowledge of 3D software, accelerating the planning phase and enabling direct customer involvement.

Edge vs server analytics
SMART Surveillance 2023, Axxonsoft
Edge-based analytics or server-based analytics? Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it’s crucial for organisations to evaluate their requirements and consider real-life examples to make informed decisions.

SSDs in video security appliances
SMART Surveillance 2023
Data storage is one of the most critical components of any IP security system; you need a storage solution with maximum uptime that can handle the demands of a high-performance video security system.


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