Smart water management
Issue 6 2023, Axis Communications SA, Integrated Solutions
South Africa is currently facing a water crisis, with scarcity and inefficient water management posing significant challenges to sustainable, consistent access to water. Smart technology and powerful partnerships may offer a proactive solution to SA's water crisis.

Helping retailers optimise monitoring and security
Issue 6 2023, Guardian Eye, Retail (Industry)
From a smart retail perspective, it is crucial to understand that monitoring stock and other assets through camera surveillance and a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors stretches further than the stores themselves.

Empowering Istanbul’s public transportation
Issue 6 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Integrated Solutions
Dahua's intelligent transportation solution, using technologies like DSM and AI-based passenger flow counting, has facilitated an intelligent system upgrade for nearly 6 400 minibuses and electric buses in Istanbul.

Smart manufacturing redefined
Issue 6 2023, Hikvision South Africa, Industrial (Industry)
AI and intuitive visualisation technology allows managers to monitor manufacturing sites, production, and operational processes, and to respond in real time in the event of an issue – helping to drive efficiency and productivity.

AI is getting smarter, and critical infrastructure is set to benefit
Issue 6 2023, Axis Communications SA
With technology advancing at an astonishing pace, AI has emerged as a defining trend in today's business arena. Enterprises across all sectors are prioritising this technology, embracing its transformative potential to drive change and growth.

Collaboration delivers integrated and holistic security
Issue 6 2023, Guardian Eye, News & Events, Integrated Solutions
Guardian Eye and Lytehouse have partnered to integrate their speciality solutions and provide a holistic security offering that overcomes the fragmentation of security systems and services.

Manage security systems remotely
Issue 6 2023, Hikvision South Africa, Infrastructure, Products & Solutions
Hikvision launched a new generation of smart managed switches that, in conjunction with the Hik-Partner Pro mobile app, enable installers to remotely deploy and configure security systems with comprehensive operation and maintenance capabilities.

Synology enhances functions for advanced surveillance integration
Issue 6 2023, Technews Publishing, Infrastructure, Products & Solutions
With the capability to function as both an API client and server, Surveillance Station offers a versatile platform for integration, whether it's embedding video streams into other platforms or overlaying external data onto recorded video.

SMART Surveillance Conference 2023
Issue 6 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Conferences & Events
Some people think the future is all about cloud technologies, but the SMART Surveillance conference demonstrated that AI is making edge surveillance much more attractive, over distributed sites, than ever before.

Supporting CCTV intelligence with small and big data
Issue 6 2023, Leaderware, Editor's Choice
The increasing development of AI and its role in enhancing investigation-led surveillance, and the increasing capacity of control rooms and local analysts to deliver data in return, can increase the synergy between intelligence and surveillance.

Rapid deployment video surveillance
Issue 6 2023, Integrated Solutions
Kelly McLintock explores the importance of implementing rapid deployment video surveillance systems on construction sites to enhance safety, minimise losses, eliminate downtime, and promote productivity.

Transportation security and efficiency
Issue 6 2023, Dahua Technology South Africa, Products & Solutions
The city of Jesús María in Argentina has invested in a 114-camera monitoring system from Dahua to help provide safety to residents and to support security and emergency assistance departments in case of emergencies.

Off-grid security protection
Issue 6 2023, Hikvision South Africa
To help keep remote places safe in a simple, practical, and cost-effective way, Hikvision is offering a portfolio of solar solutions, the 4G solar-powered camera kit, a wireless bridge, and mobile solar security tower solutions.

Unification: The key to a safer future
Issue 6 2023, Regal Distributors SA
With technological advances in security systems, from wireless networking to edge analytics, control rooms have become highly efficient, effective epicentres for monitoring, managing, and responding to security-related activities.

Intelligent monitoring and resource management
Issue 6 2023
CathexisVision Enterprise brings together all the components for effective city monitoring, and can be accessed through a user-friendly UI that makes it easy for control room operators to be alerted to important events and system health reports.

Cultivating safer and smarter cities
Issue 5 2023, Integrated Solutions
As a provider of video management software (VMS) and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions, AxxonSoft enables cities to anticipate and respond swiftly to security threats through advanced video analytics and intelligent surveillance capabilities.

Modern retail requires modern AI and surveillance
Issue 5 2023, Axis Communications SA
Shifting consumer trends and fluctuating business environments demand flexibility, innovation, and an ability to scale operations accordingly; fortunately, advances in new technologies like AI and smart analytics have given way to new tools and resources.

Four intelligent ways to bring shoppers to your mall
Issue 5 2023, Hikvision South Africa, Retail (Industry)
In this digital age, when footfall is declining and ecommerce is growing, the challenges for shopping malls seem bigger than ever; the fact is, customer experience is critical for retailers to attract more shoppers.

Is intelligence alone enough?
Issue 5 2023, Products & Solutions, Smart Home Automation
By coupling intelligent algorithms with additional features and functionality, Secury360 ensures that users have ultimate control and flexibility over their security systems.

PoE makes surveillance sense
Issue 4 2023, Products & Solutions
Power-over-Ethernet simplifies IP camera installation, with both power and data carried over a standard network cable, and it means less modification to your premises, requires no electrician or building permit, and will need less maintenance.


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