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Cyber Security

New four reader controller for Cardax FT
December 2004, Gallagher

Gallagher Security Management Systems announces a new controller variant in the Controller 3000 product range, the Cardax FT Controller 3000-4R. The existing Cardax FT Controller 3000 (now referred ...

Micro Vault with fingerprint access
December 2004

The new Sony Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access allows you to store and access private data, simply at the touch of your fingertips. "The digital storage device is bundled with application software ...

MSSPs - your strongest defence
December 2004

Historically, security was built into the system architecture - a silent, unobtrusive partner with a low priority level. Now, as technology continues to progress and more features become available from ...

Top 10 steps to improve your network security
December 2004

Security and policy development is a process, one that must evolve and be adjusted to meet the needs of your organisation as it grows and changes

Lenel announces OnGuard 2005
December 2004

In September, Lenel Systems International, developer of integrated security systems for commercial markets, announced a new edition of its award-winning OnGuard product suite. OnGuard 2005 expands the ...

Novel approach to computer security
November 2004

As nationwide concern over the alarming number of computer thefts increases, PC Professionals has launched IT Surveillance System (itss) - a first in IT surveillance and computer security that will revolutionise ...

Convergence of physical and IT security
October 2004

Electronic security and information security as individual, non-integrated sub-systems can create security gaps in your organisation. It is commonly acknowledged that 30% of intrusions within a company's ...

Make SureIT's secure
September 2004

SureIT network management software from SymplisIT, monitors hardware and software as well as user activity in a networked environment. With this locally developed application, not only can network administrators ...

Locate bugs and cellphone listening devices
August 2004

Marshall International, exclusive distributor of the Audiotel range of electronic countermeasures equipment, is now offering Sig-Net, its new affordable handheld bug detector. Sig-Net has been designed ...

Protect against computer and component theft
August 2004

According to KPMG's Information Security Survey, over 60% of local companies have experienced theft of IT equipment in the past year. PC Protector offers an effective way of curbing the losses incurred ...

Axiz launches Kalliba Velocity USB 2.0
August 2004

Axiz has launched Kalliba Velocity, the latest edition to Kalliba's USB removable flash offering for high speed data transfer and mobile users. Kalliba Velocity features a super fast USB 2.0 data transfer ...

Business intelligence for operational risk
July 2004

Only organisations concerned about one, very specific operational risk, such as money laundering, can afford to invest in a niche business intelligence (BI) product. Businesses with broader vision must ...

Innovative, industrious and nefarious fraudsters
July 2004

In 1602, English Lord Chief Justice, Sir Edward Coke, stated, "Fraud and deceit abound in these days, more than in former times." Although uttered more than 400 years ago, Sir Edward Coke's words ring ...

How secure is your system if the central server goes down?
July 2004, Gallagher

Peer-to-peer communications enables Cardax FT controllers to communicate with each other for the purposes of monitoring, back up and control. This achieves efficient and flexible system design and, most ...

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