Office park security moves with the times

February 2007 Integrated Solutions

New office and industrial parks are being built at an ever-increasing rate all over South Africa.

The traditional security CCTV systems are often designed to record vehicles entering and leaving the complex. The system records historic activity that can be recalled to assist with investigations after a crime has taken place.

Does the system limit access to the complex? Does the system keep an accurate record of who is entering or leaving the complex? With the best intentions in the world we all know that this is not possible. Complexes that have tried to keep accurate records have found that they have had to simply 'open the gates' at peak times to prevent the exits clogging up. Of course 'Donald Duck' and 'Mickey Mouse' are regular visitors in the visitor log.

The reality of the situation is that almost anyone can enter these complexes as often as they like. That leaves the businesses in the complex almost as vulnerable to the same potential crimes as outside the complex.

There is, however, a solution. Office and industrial park complexes can arrange on site alarm response for their tenants. The number of tenants in the complex can make it economically viable to employ, as a group, 24-hour on-site guarding and alarm response from their preferred guarding company. This also has its limitations. What must the response team do when a panic button is activated? Was it pressed because an armed robbery is in progress or simply because the tenant saw someone loitering next to his vehicle? A response team rushing in blindly during an armed robbery could be disastrous.

Video Domain has developed its video panic and alarm control room. Designed to operate with its range of Neteye units, when an alarm is activated, the Neteye unit automatically connects to the control room displaying the CCTV cameras. The control room can now see exactly what the problem is and respond accordingly.

There is complete privacy for the tenant. In alarm mode the Neteye will contact the control room. The control room cannot connect into their CCTV system to browse. The system is password protected and only business management will have the password.

The Observer system can be used in shopping malls, office complexes, game lodges, etc. The Neteye connects into any existing CCTV system. It has an added advantage that tenant management can connect in anytime, from anywhere, to manage their business. Clients who are monitored by security companies that use the Listener control room software from Oryx can have the same advantages offsite. The Neteye unit is available in PSTN (telephone), iP using ADSL or GSM versions.

The Video Domain products are distributed by Emergency Reaction Services.

For more information contact Morris Maram, Emergency Reaction Services, +27 (0)11 234 6000,,

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