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Issue 1 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

When most people hear that Cathexis is a video surveillance company, they think that recording and playing back video is the extent of our capability and usefulness. Video is our major component, but providing holistic security and operational management solutions for our customers is our top priority.

CathexisVision specialises in integrated infrastructure. The integration of multiple systems is intrinsic and essential to our goal of creating an effective and efficient operational environment. The ability of CathexisVision to integrate with a plethora of systems enhances the feature-rich CathexisVision video surveillance management software.

In the world of video surveillance, any system transaction or event can be improved by the association of synchronised video. This is why Cathexis has made integration one of its defining and differentiating features.

How we integrate

For many years, third-party product integration has been the special strength of CathexisVision and we have integrated with a wide range of systems. These systems include access control, fire detection systems, intrusion systems, weighbridges, logistics scanning systems, point-of-sale systems, weighing scales for mining and retail, and money counters.

Our integration enables the system to receive data and take automated actions to provide real-time information to system users. This is a seamless process that provides an extremely powerful, single-user interface. CathexisVision’s integration is supported by video verification of events that occur, as well as rules-based events that can be initiated from event data. This leads to a superior control room characterised by efficacy and the potential to handle any security threat.

Every integration is unique and individual cases demonstrate that each integration has its own specific function. With this said, there are certain commonalities and features that apply to all. CathexisVision integrations are all able to:

• Communicate with third-party systems in the form of receiving and logging their transactions.

• Connect camera/s with transaction nodes such as access control door and alarm panel zone.

• Smart-search the transaction database via intelligent filters in order to locally and remotely obtain transaction data and associated video footage.

• Generate events and accompanying actions based on precise transactions in the system.

Examples of our integration capability abound and include switching a camera to a selected monitor, or panel on a video wall, enabling an I/O port, sending an email or SMS alert, sending an alarm to a local or remote command centre or control room, recording video to a database, and playing an audio message that has been pre-selected.

Integration has a revolutionising effect upon response times, giving CCTV operators the power to quickly and easily locate cameras linked with third-party system events. Control room operators can take decisive and informed action with the help of the system, which automatically selects cameras to view based on events or alarms from access control systems, alarm panels, and fence monitoring systems.

Key offerings of the Cathexis integration include:

• Support and compatibility, with over 300 global IP camera brands.

• An application programming interface (API) for HTTP/RTSP/SIP protocols.

• A user-friendly solution (via the API) to interface third-party systems such as building management systems, physical security information system (PSIM) and situational awareness platforms.

• An impressive portfolio of integrations with the world’s leading suppliers of IP cameras, access control, alarm panels, automatic number plate recognition, counters, environmental monitoring, fence management, fire panels, I/O devices, point of sale, video analytics, and weighbridges.

• A sophisticated single-user interface.

• Automatic selection of viewing cameras based on third-party system events.

• Rules-based actions grounded in video verified event data.

• Advanced security applications for a wide variety of applications.


The achievements of CathexisVision’s integrations are definitively illustrated by reference to examples. Below are just some examples of integrations that we have completed, and more can be found on our website:

• Access control: Impro, Gallagher, Paxton, Honeywell, Maxxess, Axis, Lenel, SALTO, VanDerBilt.

• Intrusion alarms: Paradox, CaddX, DSC, Risco, Jablotron, Galaxy, Texecom.

• Perimeter monitoring systems: Gallagher, JVA, Southwest Microwave, Nemtek, Future Fibre Technologies, Optex, Senstar.

• Point-of-sale: ARCH, Edeka, ProDev, Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Home Bargains, RePOS.

• Fire Panels: Honeywell, Ziton, Technoswitch.

• Weigbridges and scales: Mettler, Dynamass, Mastech, WBX, Weighcom.

For more information contact Cathexis Africa, +27 31 240 0800,,


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