Accurate guard tracking and management

September 2019 Security Services & Risk Management, Products

There are many challenges when it comes to effectively managing and tracking a guarding workforce, these include:

• Guards not adhering to procedures.

• Remote sites making the task of knowing what is going on that much harder.

• Lack of communication – voice and data.

• Technology failures and no communication zones.

• Monitoring and managing events as and when they occur.

• The cost of a comprehensive solution.

• Integration with other risk management solutions.

Secutel Technologies locally designs and manufactures a one stop security workforce management platform, SecuTraq. Along with the platform, the company also provides the SecuTraq mobile app to ensure guard management objectives are met.

The solution offers:

• Real time, end-to-end management.

• A single platform allowing for data and voice communication, real-time tracking of your workforce, event and attendance management, photos and video in real time, and the monitoring of various technologies.

• Easy integration with other risk management solutions.

The SecuTraq workforce tracking and management platform provides peace of mind knowing that your workforce are where they are supposed to be, doing what they are required to do and ensuring that you are offering your client the best solution for their guarding and monitoring needs.

Part of the solution is an all-in-one body camera with a robust design that is easy for anyone to operate. The unit and mobile application provide for GPS tracking, GSM voice and data communications, snapshots and video, panic alarms, as well as time and attendance logging. The platform is cloud based and can be accessed and managed from anywhere, while it is customisable to each customer’s specific business rules.

The SecuTraq mobile app is available on Android with iOS coming in the near future.


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