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July 2014 Products

Johannesburg-based Sentinel Biometrics is a family run business providing security consulting services and site implementations in the security sector. Its most recent project is the design and manufacture of the Sentinel ToughCase.

Sentinel needed a way to protect their clients’ investments and to ensure the uptime of their solutions. Although the BioLite Net has been designed and tested for harsh conditions, IP65 rated for dust and water, Sentinel required added protection for an even more demanding environment. To achieve this, they developed the ToughCase housing for the BioLite Net.

Sentinel has received excellent feedback from clients regarding the additional device protection offered by the ToughCase as well as its aesthetically pleasing design and they foresee it will become a popular accessory in future installations. Based on this favourable response, Sentinel has already begun designing and prototyping a version for the BioEntry Plus.

Some benefits and features of the ToughCase include:

1. A high grade stainless steel construction with stainless steel bolts.

2. A sun visor to protect the FP sensor from direct sunlight and simultaneously improve the authentication rate. The indicator LED above the sensor remains visible to users.

3. A peak to protect the LCD display from direct sunlight.

4. The raised sides, peak and sun visor add protection from malicious strikes by disgruntled users.

5. 25 mm of wiring and adaptor storage space behind the mounting bracket provides for easy wiring management.

At present the ToughCase is used at high security sites where the additional protection deters the vandalism of the device it protects. “We believe that the ToughCase has a place in the market,” said Walter Rautenbach, MD of neaMetrics, “and we will be offering it as a value added accessory to Suprema resellers wishing to extend it to their clients.”

For more information contact Suprema, +27 (0)11 784 3952,,


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