Protecting people and infrastructure

Issue 2 2022 Education (Industry)

Effective security and infrastructure management enhances every aspect of an educational facility. Students and staff can prioritise their educational and operational goals because they trust that the site is safe and running efficiently.

CathexisVision is a comprehensive, cost-effective video management solution that can meet the unique security challenges in the education sector, providing a significant return on investment. The software integrates with the world’s leading camera brands, offers many features and an advanced video analytics suite and seamlessly integrates with several third-party systems such as access control, perimeter monitoring, intercoms, fire panels and more. This means that administrators and security managers can rely on a single solution to manage security and operations, whatever the size of the site.

CathexisVision optimises control room monitoring to increase operators’ situational awareness and save time. From perimeters and parking to access control and building interiors, CathexisVision monitors all areas of your educational facility, automatically identifying incidents and presenting available actions to operators. Using intelligent video analytics based on deep learning models, the software can differentiate between people, vehicles and a wide range of objects. When it detects an incident (such as an attempted perimeter breach after hours, or abandoned objects), operators can be alerted automatically and presented with actions to implement, such as playing an alarm or commanding an integrated system, such as locking a door.

CathexisVision is user-friendly, scalable and stable, with health monitoring tools and failover features to ensure system up-time. Multiple sites can be monitored from a single control room and user access management ensures that information is protected. Retrieving evidence is easy with CathexisVision’s range of search tools and secure exporting. Operators can trust that the footage retrieved is secure and reliable and thus usable as evidence.

Playback can be controlled by passwords, footage can be watermarked and archives are protected from being exported to media files. Software features such as privacy zones and restricted camera views can assist clients with their compliance measures with privacy legislation, such as South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act.

Cathexis has proven its value through installations at educational facilities in South Africa and globally. The CathexisVision installation at Istanbul University, for example, manages over 2000 cameras, using nine different camera brands. CathexisVision helps to protect the tens of thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors who pass through the university’s campuses.

For more information contact Cathexis Africa, +27 31 240 0800, [email protected],


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