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Eagle Eye Networks has released a best practices guide, Video Security Primer: 9 core elements that ensure businesses have the best system for their needs. This new resource outlines questions to ask and features to look for in a video management system to secure and grow your business.

Designed especially for multi-site commercial businesses that want to understand the basics and how to choose an optimal system, the video security primer explains the top nine features of a cloud video surveillance system and can serve as a reference for businesses of all sizes.

The right video management system can help businesses prevent loss, improve customer service, identify and reduce liability, drive operational efficiencies, ensure compliance and reduce cyber threats.

“Whether you’re trying to create a more customer-centric restaurant, efficient retail operation, safe gym environment, or healthy campus, a true cloud VMS can be paramount to your success,” said Ken Francis, president of Eagle Eye Networks. “And business owners are often pleasantly surprised by the total cost of ownership: Moving computing and video storage infrastructure to the cloud usually results in overall savings between 20 and 50% compared to a typical onsite system.”

The guide is aimed at those managing 10 to 50 sites, such as retail shops, gymnasiums and quick serve restaurants, each operating between 10 to 35 surveillance cameras per site.

The elements covered include the following.

Cloud for video surveillance: Eagle Eye explains what is meant by the cloud in terms of video surveillance as well as looking at the total cost of ownership of cloud solutions. Naturally, cybersecurity is also covered as is the benefits of cloud scalability and access from any location.

Camera flexibility: It’s important to have flexibility in your choice of camera for your surveillance solution and not be tied into one or a limited number of brands.

Ease-of-use: Ease-of-use is critical when considering a cloud video surveillance offering. The technology should fit your work environment and match the technical capability of your staff. The interface should be friendly, the navigation intuitive and the product configuration able to perform on whatever devices you prefer.

Cybersecurity: A topic on its own, the primer covers the best practices for protecting your business as well as ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of the network and your data.

Total cost of ownership: There are many operational costs that can significantly increase the total cost of your surveillance solution. These costs change when using a cloud surveillance solution and the paper delves into the differences and potential savings the cloud offers.

Bandwidth management: A make-or-break discussion when it comes to cloud services in Africa, the primer also discusses how Eagle Eye manages bandwidth, even in areas where connectivity is low. Eagle Eye’s multi-layered bandwidth management technology allows users to manage their bandwidth and make use of cloud services even with bandwidth constraints.

More than just security: Artificial intelligence and video analytics play an ever more important role in security, but they also assist in business optimisation. Insights from video analytics can be used to create long-term strategies for success.

Service and support: Often an afterthought, service and support are critical for ongoing operations. Eagle Eye delves into the benefits offered in this regard through its solutions.

Innovation and future proof technology: Many of today’s legacy video surveillance systems require monotonous monitoring or a manual review after each triggered event to extract useful information. This places serious limitations on the effectiveness of the technology, however, the development of cloud-based video surveillance applications – powered by artificial intelligence and video analytics – is disrupting established approaches and transforming systems from simple motion-based alerting devices to unified proactive and preventive solutions.

The primer also includes a number of ‘Pro Tips’ such as avoiding getting locked into individual camera manufacturers and more.

Download the guide at*een2 (redirects to

Taking analogue to the cloud

Eagle Eye Networks released a best practices guide named ‘Analog video to cloud’ for business owners who are interested in economical ways to upgrade legacy analogue video surveillance cameras to a modern, digital cloud system and how existing cameras can be re-used in the process.

This report details the advantages of managing analogue camera video in the cloud, including lower costs and greater flexibility, outlines video-to-cloud upgrade options and provides readers with actionable information to successfully transition analogue camera video to the cloud without having to ‘rip and replace’ the entire system.

A recent Eagle Eye Networks study showed that analogue cameras in the cloud grew in 2020 after four consecutive years of decline, likely driven by improvements in encoder technology and the need to remotely access and view video surveillance systems during the pandemic.

“Often the lowest-cost, highest-results approach to upgrading analogue video camera systems is to start by switching from outdated on-premises video recording software and hardware to a cyber-secure, cloud-based video management system (VMS) with AI-enabled video analytics,” said Ken Francis, president of Eagle Eye Networks. “Business owners want to understand how an upgrade works and how to save costs so they can start taking advantage of improved physical security, built-in cybersecurity and all the benefits of the cloud, including important data derived from video that can help improve business operations and customer service.”

Topics covered include: cloud architecture, payment models, cameras and coaxial cable alternatives and HD analogue cameras. Download the full report at*een3, redirects to


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