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Issue 3 2021 IT infrastructure

Infinidat has announced fast data recovery capabilities to enhance its InfiniGuard appliance for enterprise users. The new InfiniGuard CyberRecovery capabilities provide transparent protection of the entire backup environment. It features immutable snapshots and near-instantaneous recovery to previous points-in-time based on customer-defined policies. These advancements address the threat of cyberattacks, such as ransomware, which occur on average every 14 seconds (Source: Cybersecurity Ventures).

Phil Bullinger.

“With our InfiniGuard solution, Infinidat significantly raises the bar in ransomware protection with near-instantaneous cyber recovery,” said Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat. “The exciting new enhancements to our InfiniGuard platform represent superior recovery capabilities that advance data protection. We are enabling enterprise customers to establish a new line of defence for data backup that is critical in 2021 and beyond.”

When ransomware takes data hostage, it destroys backup copies of data, steals credentials, leaks stolen information and worse. It has caused businesses of all sizes to shut down operations overnight, so it is not unusual for a company to pay a large sum of money to restore their business.

“With ransomware already costing enterprises $20 billion a year, CIOs need to go beyond just backup to put a comprehensive and bulletproof cybersecurity strategy in place,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, at IDC. “That strategy needs to provide transparent, policy-based workflows using immutable snapshots, air gap protection and flexible, granular and high performance recovery – all of which imply the need for a next generation data protection architecture.”

Discovering how ransomware intrudes into an enterprise IT infrastructure is extremely challenging and often happens after damage is already done to a company. The attack surface has also broadened over the past year because of the increased levels of companies’ employees working from home. The traditional line of defence has been data backup, but cyber terrorists now attack the backup and the storage that houses the backup solutions too; therefore, data backup on its own is no longer sufficient as a defence.

InfiniGuard CyberRecovery protects the backup solution itself through its transparent protection functionality, which is a new approach to defending against ransomware and other cyber threats. InfiniGuard offers immutable snapshots using WORM (write once read many) technology, ensuring that copies of data cannot be deleted, encrypted or changed.

Infinidat’s expanded cyber recovery solution also uses policy-based point-in-time recovery capabilities to enable the near-instantaneous recovery back to any point in the history of the data for data integrity and consistency. For enterprises that want to verify the data before it goes back online in a business operational environment, InfiniGuard provides an isolated test environment that is easy to use.

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