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Issue 3 2021 Cyber Security

McAfee has announced a significant expansion of its MVISION Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution by correlating the extensive telemetry of McAfee’s endpoint security solution, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution and threat intelligence solution powered by MVISION Insights. These integrations protect organisations against the most advanced threats while simplifying security operations with unified control and visibility from device to cloud.

This timing is pivotal, as security operation centres (SOCs) are dealing with increasingly sophisticated threat actors targeting remote employees and cloud services using more evasive techniques across expanding digital attack surfaces – making adversaries harder to spot with traditional security controls. A recent survey of IT security professionals by The Enterprise Strategy Group found that the cloud poses the biggest gap for most organisations’ threat detection and response capabilities. Unsurprisingly, according to Ernst & Young, about six in 10 companies have faced a material or significant incident in the past 12 months, however, only 26% of companies say their SOC identified their most significant breach.

McAfee MVISION XDR is the first proactive, data-aware and open XDR platform designed to help organisations stop these sophisticated, multi-vector attacks with unified threat detection and response that connects and fuses disparate endpoint, network and cloud data sources. XDR incidents are enriched with actionable threat insights from McAfee's SASE solution, which detects cloud threats that occur within web and SaaS environments. It improves situational awareness, drives better and faster decisions and elevates the SOC to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

“SOC processes involve siloed monitoring and detection tools that generate an overwhelming volume of security alerts that often require manual effort to sort through and force analysts to take a reactive posture,” said Shishir Singh, chief product officer of McAfee’s enterprise business. “AI Guided Investigations serves as the catalyst allowing analysts to more effortlessly orchestrate smart and efficient workflows. MVISION XDR delivers end-to-end threat visibility across all attack surfaces, greater context and situational awareness using automation to streamline operations so organisations can pre-empt an attack rather than scramble to contain a breach.”

MVISION XDR capabilities

Advanced threat detection: Automatically correlates attack telemetry from multiple data sources including endpoint detection and response (EDR), cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP) and secure web gateway (SWG) and fuses with active threat campaigns to reveal the full picture of an adversary’s work across the entire attack lifecycle.

Automated threat management tasks: By combining the latest machine learning techniques with human analysis, MVISION XDR simplifies analyst workflows across complex threat campaigns with AI-guided investigations and MITRE ATT&CK; mapping to accelerate investigation and move more rapidly to resolution.

Proactive threat hunting and optimised response: The integration of MVISION Insights with MVISION Cloud Security Advisor delivers actionable intelligence to security teams through correlated security posture scoring across all vectors – from endpoints to the cloud – that helps them strengthen security hygiene and advance investigations and analysis with critical context on threat groups.

“Threat detection doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Without weaving together forensic data from endpoint and non-endpoint sources to paint the bigger picture kill chain, it’s incredibly difficult to see attackers traversing your environment and answer the investigative questions that matter to SOC teams,” said Chris Kissel, research director, IDC. “XDR is the next logical step from EDR. McAfee’s XDR has significant potential to achieve what security analytics tools have largely been unable to offer by natively integrating more types of telemetry with threat intel into a single user experience for detection and response.”

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