Continual electric fence monitoring

Issue 2 2021 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Residential Estate (Industry)

In today’s security conscious world, one of the top priorities of residential estate living is ensuring that the electric fence is always operational and an increasing number of estates are achieving that with Devtron’s Circuit Master solution.

Devtron supplies a range of hardware and software solutions for the installation, monitoring and maintenance of residential and commercial security. More than two dozen luxury and lifestyle estates and retirement villages rely on Devtron technology to secure their perimeter security.

Circuit Master is a cloud-based digital, livestreaming electric fence monitoring system that can be simultaneously viewed by multiple sites, including the control room, guards, security company and installers, with mobile functionality provided via the Devnet mobile app. Small estates without guard rooms are likewise able to use the system, with remote viewing by a single person.

At the heart of the system is the 3G Devnet24 modem. Based on the same technology used in the banking industry, it collects all the perimeter and equipment data and makes it possible for anyone connected to use the system to monitor and optimise the effectiveness of the fence on a round-the-clock basis. It has the ability to run the information over both local network or 3G cellular network.

One-stop solution

Matthew Krinsky, Devtron managing director, comments: “Estate managers are in desperate need of constant and accurate information with regard to perimeter security. However, many estates use the products and services of any number of entities to provide them with this, from the fence installers, fibre network companies, local area network providers and third-party maintenance technicians.”

“This means that when a problem occurs, it may take days to determine who is responsible for fixing the fault, during which time the estate’s security is vulnerable. Of equal concern is that it may take days before the estate manager is even aware that a fault has occurred, since there is no system that provides continuous monitoring of the integrity of all components on the fence.”

Circuit Master bypasses all role-players, consultants, technicians and fibre companies, so that the estate only has to deal with a single company for installation and ongoing support. Being a cloud-based solution, there are no delays while underground fibre network cables have to be fixed. Installation is also simple, as the modem only has a tiny antenna and is stored in a compact kiosk with one connection and a plug.

As Krinsky summarises, “It’s a full, standalone communications system with all the software stored in the modem and data disseminated through the cloud and stored under our watch.”

Three security layers for peace of mind

Estate managers can enjoy peace of mind knowing there are three layers of security:

The first is at the guardhouse, where the fence is actively monitored by guards.

• A secondary, off-site layer is added where, for example, an estate security company, estate security manager or directors, fence Installers (if they so wish), as well as Devtron (which monitors all of its customer sites 24X7), can view and react to faults.

• In a third layer of security, all estates are provided with monthly audit reports on the overall integrity of the fence. This information not only adds to their assurance that their estate perimeter is optimally secured, but the information is also useful for strategising over any future plans.

For more information contact Phillip Krinsky, Devtron, +27 82 575 9752,,

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