Enhance security with wireless verification

Issue 6 2020 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Videofied has been in the video verification market for many years, offering wireless video alarm systems consisting of a PIR integrated with video surveillance. The company’s latest products have been enhanced and updated over time to provide a solution that enhances the safety and security of commercial and consumer environments, both indoors and outdoors.

The company’s products run off batteries, which can last for between two and four years depending on the number of activations per day. In any lighting conditions, the system detects movement in its area of coverage and sends a 10-second video clip to a central monitoring station to allow operators to verify that there is a real incident and take the appropriate action. This allows false alarms to be identified immediately, before response teams are dispatched.

Videofied technology can make use of a variety of communications methods, from 868 MHz bidirectional radio communications between devices, through to GPRS, Ethernet and Wi-Fi to communicate with the control centre, depending on the solution chosen. There are already many control rooms throughout South Africa supporting Videofied technology.

In environments that already have security guards on patrol, Videofied enhances the security of the whole security operation by providing 24/7 monitoring of multiple areas. Guards in these scenarios can be better utilised for more complex work that requires more than watching a perimeter or a gate, and the constant monitoring by the wireless security devices will also provide protection to personnel, ensuring they are not caught unawares by criminals hiding in the shadows.

To assist in the effective use of Videofied products, Wynand Beneke, MD of Videofied SA, says the WebeyeCMS cloud monitoring platform offers a simple solution to monitoring Videofied installations, no matter how many or few of its products are installed.

Given the low bandwidth requirements of Videofied products, this cloud-based management platform allows customers to set up their own control room in minutes, ensuring that the right people are alerted when an alert is raised. For example, after an alarm at a retail store in raised and a notification sent to the store manager, he/she can view the video clip and alert an armed response team and/or the police, and then use the stored video clip as evidence.

Webeye notifications will automatically be sent to the right people as soon as an alarm reaches the system, and they will continue to be sent every ten minutes for up to two hours or until the recipient acknowledges the message.

No additional software is required as the system is cloud-based and run as a SaaS (software-as-a-service). Alarms and video can be received on any Internet-enabled device, from PCs and laptops, through to tablets and smartphones. This naturally lowers the cost of setting up a monitoring service and makes anyone with an Internet connection a potential customer.

Says Beneke, “The video verification enabled by Videofied combined with webeyeCMS’s escalation process offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to avoid false alarms and unnecessary dispatch. It is an intelligent system that is robust enough to perform the function of a monitoring station because of the automated alarm receipt, handling and alerting process.”

In addition, he notes that due to Videofied’s portability, the technology can be moved around from one place or one project to the next, as required, without any monitoring issues. This makes Videofied and Webeye a good option for the following requirements, as well as many others:

• Guard enhancement.

• Construction sites.

• Vacant properties.

• Vehicle and fenced compounds.

• Cell towers, remote facilities, mines, gravel pits.

• Agriculture.

• Solar farms.

• Copper theft.

• Industrial.


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