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Fibre Pro is designed for digitally encoded uncompressed video trans-mission on multimode fibre up to 2,5 km and single-mode up to 30 km. Fibre Pro consists of products with multiple video channels, bi-directional data, bi-directional contact closure and bi-directional audio.

Fibre Pro transmits 8 and 10 bit digitally encoded uncompressed video and features adjustment-free installation and operation.

Fibre Pro transmitters and receivers are categorised below:

1. Video only – multimode and single-mode standalone units and cage cards.

2. Video and 2 Data – single-mode, standalone units and cage cards.

3. Video and 2 Data – multimode, standalone units and cage cards.

4. Video, 2 Data and contact closure – single-mode standalone units and cage cards.

5. Video, 2 Data and contact closure – multimode standalone units and cage cards.

6. 4 Video and 2 Data- multimode, standalone units and cage cards.

7. 4 Video and 2 Data – single-mode, standalone units and cage cards.

8. Fibre Pro field termination enclosure includes; pig tail, splice cassette and PSU.

9. VRX-Rack – 14 slot 19-inch rack mount card cage for single and multimode receivers, including power supply unit.

Fibre Pro product uses laser emitters. Video and data is transmitted on one fibre using wavelength divisional multiplexing.

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