HD CCTV over coax

June 2012 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The technology commonly called HD CCTV implements SMPTE HD-SDI standards from television broadcast technology and can transmit video at 720p or 1080p resolution over RG59 cable to a distance of at least 100 metres. HD CCTV offers the benefit of providing high-resolution (megapixel) video, over conventional analogue coaxial cables.

PROVISION-ISR HD CCTV cameras offer a standard resolution of 1080P (1920 x 1080), equivalent to 2,1 megapixels. 1080P provides over 24-times higher resolution compared with CIF and 6 time higher resolution than D1.

While Analogue cameras continue to improve, it is still subject to the limitations of the PAL/NTSC TV format, adopting a new HD standard which enables the camera to push video resolution beyond 700Tvl and offering HD quality CCTV. HD CCTV is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing analogue CCTV, requiring only a change of camera and DVR. Both new and existing installations can use CCTV industry standard coaxial cable (RG/59, RG/6 and RG/11).

HD CCTV advantages

* HD CCTV is a digital transmission of uncompressed HD video over coaxial cable.

* HD video: true 1080P or 720P HD video quality.

* Perfect clarity with no analogue noise.

* Uncompressed-nearly zero latency and no compression artifacts.

* Coax cable: immune to network failure.

* Easy upgrade: using same infrastructure as analogue system, just replace camera and DVR.

* Familiar user interface: for the installer/operator, no difference between CCTV and HD CCTV except for higher resolution.

* Unified standards.

Provision DVR and cameras

Provision’s HD-SDI DVR, SA8800, was designed to provide installers and customers with an easy entry point to the world of HD CCTV. It provides, in one chassis, both D1 ports (four channels) and full HD 1080 ports (four channels) allowing you to upgrade your traditional analogue CCTV system to full HD at your convenience. Cameras monitoring a sensitive spot can be replaced first while existing cameras will not require change or adjustment.

HD-SDI technology uses the same infrastructure as your existing analogue installation, allowing you to replace your existing cameras and DVR in very little time and with zero configuration.

Provision ISR HD DVRs are equipped with powerful CPU core technology to enable processing of four real-time channels at full HD (1080P) and four real-time channels at D1. Our DVR operates with H.264 main profile compression format and advanced industry SOC techniques to ensure real-time recording in each channel and outstanding stability of the system.

Provision’s ISR HD-SDI cameras implement the latest video processing technology and provide advanced features: Digital image balancing-delivering accurate picture in all light conditions, WDR capabilities, privacy masking, image effects and more due to true day and night functionality (ICR), DSS (Digital slow shutter), Advanced 3D-DNR (noise reduction) and Smart IR technology (all cameras provide an excellent night performance).

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