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May 2011 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Lisheen Mine prevents pilfering with ACTi.

The Lisheen Mine site in Tipperary extends over a 9 km² area. With a large perimeter of 3 km on each side and expensive reel of copper wire on site, the mine was a vulnerable target for pilfering. In fact several thefts had taken place on the site prior to the installation of an IP security solution.

Large commercial sites can use wireless network security solutions to prevent pilfering of expensive equipment that may be left on site during works. The availability of power and data connections to all areas of a site during works or on a greenfield site can pose difficulties when trying to deploy a security system to protect against intruders over a large area and secure the perimeter. However, using a wireless network with Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP cameras means large sites can be protected a lot easier and cost effectively.

A wireless network was installed over the 9 km² area which consisted of point-to-point bridge links, point to multipoint base station and subscriber units from the Proxim family of wireless kit. A total of 14 ACTi CAM-6600 series IP Speed Domes were mounted on poles supplied by RT communications to survey the perimeter area.

The NVR is a Windows server with Milestone XProtect Professional installed. There are also two ACTi ACM-5611 IP box cameras and two ACTi ACM-7411 IP vandal domes mounted around the site buildings. The entire system is deployed to the highest standards to protect the zinc and lead ore mine at Lisheen. Obviously hand in hand with such a valuable site there is a massive amount of investment in engineering supplier and equipment that need to be protected.

Ground-breaking benefits

* Megapixel picture quality for superior image quality and face identification.

* Scalability, allowance with server and Milestone Professional to add more cameras without requiring a new DVR.

* Remote monitoring of site using Milestone Smart Client login.

* Ease of system use for exporting footage for police to view and use as evidence.

* Wireless network over wide areas reduces costs and guarantees large areas can be surveyed properly.

* Business owners/managers can view operations remotely over a wide site to manage and view productivity.

“Our client is very happy with the Milestone and ACTi system now in place. It has helped them to reduce theft and their man guarding costs. The wireless network is ideal for this site as tying to route coaxial cable throughout the site would have been a non-starter. Since the initial solution was installed we have added additional cameras very easily on the Milestone platform,” says Sean Mullally, sales director, RT communications.

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