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July 2010 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

BFR Digital was founded in 2001 as a creative outlet for its three founding engineers. Its first product was the GUI-MUX which was a graphical user interface that operated a video multiplexer and a VCR off a Windows 98 platform. The company soon found a niche business opportunity to develop and manufacture robust CCTV infrastructure equipment.

We understand that users just want equipment that works and that gimmicks lose their appeal within the first few weeks of operation. It is for this reason that innovation is key to our business, and our products constantly evolve. Our inbuilt reliability ensures our products require little to no maintenance, and are easy to use. All this to better suit clients’ unique business needs.

BFR Digital products and services

BFR Digital specialises in the design, development and manufacture of a full range of fibre-optic transmission, twisted pair video transmission (UTP), data transmission, video amplifiers, surge protection and power supply products. We know that our customers have unique business needs and that not all project requirements fit into a neat box. We offer a full range of engineering solutions to our customers from OEM products to project specific engineering solutions.

Recent projects

Through our distribution partner Norbain SA we have engineered solutions for the following recent projects:


The Gautrain team required an enclosure to fit the cameras to their cable management system. The enclosure not only had to fit in with the aesthetics of the stations, but also had to manage the data, UTP video and feature a power supply for the camera. BFR Digital engineered an enclosure with a single PC board that managed all these facilities for the camera. The enclosure also features video loss and power indicators. 360 of these unique enclosures were supplied for the first phase of the Gautrain project.

Royal Bafokeng 2010 Stadium

The Royal Bafokeng 2010 Stadium uses a BFR Digital fibre-optic backbone for the CCTV and access control system. The BFR Digital fibre-optic backbone was put together using the DTX-100-SSM which is a single mode, single fibre (WDM), media converter. This design reduced the fibre count by half thus saving the stadium a great deal of money.

We also put together pre-built field enclosures that featured the splice cassette, DTX-100 and specially designed power supply with a 12 Vdc, a 24 Vac and a dedicated output for the DTX-100 unit.

Standard Bank

All new Standard Bank branches or branches being revamped are cabled for BFR Digital’s Power CAT products. The VC-016PR is a 16 channel UTP video receiver and power transmitter. The VC-01PM is a single channel UTP video transmitter and DC to DC converter. The Power CAT manages the video and provides 12 Vdc power to the camera at a cable distance of 300 m per channel. This means centralised video and power management for the CCTV system which plays a significant role in reducing cabling costs and installation time.

Warranty policy

Our products are made for harsh African conditions and built for industrial environments. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 5-year warranty on all our fibre-optic transmission equipment and a 1-year warranty on all our copper-based products.

Bruno Jones, MD BFR Digital, Dion Pretorius, relationship manager, BFR Digital
Bruno Jones, MD BFR Digital, Dion Pretorius, relationship manager, BFR Digital

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