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Fidelity goes wireless
September 2009, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Using wireless communications over the GSM network proves a winner for Fidelity Security.

Fidelity Security Services is rolling out the ActiveGuard routing and monitoring solution nationwide to its 52 branches, in a project that will promote realtime monitoring of guarding activities, thereby ensuring proactive guarding and comprehensive reporting for all its clients.

Kevin Whateley, general manager electronics services, explains, “Initially, we ran a pilot project with Trinity Telecomms, suppliers of the ActiveGuard solution. The success of the system in field then prompted the decision to roll out the system country wide.”

The GSM-enabled ActiveGuard batons are used by the guards to scan tags placed at security checkpoints and this information is sent to our control room in realtime. This means that we can ensure that all guards are active on their required routes. If no signal is received in the allotted time, Fidelity calls the guard on the ActiveGuard baton to ensure that all is in order.

According to Whateley, this dial-up feature to the guard is a key advantage. Although the guard cannot dial out, there is a call-me button, as well as a panic button on the unit, both of which immediately alerts the control room, who can then return the call. This eliminates the potential for cellphone abuse, while still enabling the guards with 2-way communications in realtime. The remote panic button is a definite plus, and has increased the level of safety for the guards.

Says Whateley, “The fact that we can get realtime information about the time and location of each check point scan is the biggest advantage of the system. We can be proactive in managing our guards and in responding to any emergencies. We have increased our active patrolling dramatically as a result of the ActiveGuard roll out.”

Because the system uses GSM-based communications, the need for any infrastructure to be implemented is eliminated, making the roll-out relatively quick. All that is required is the installation of the software in the control room, and the equipping of each of the guards with the baton, and some fairly simple training on the 3-button device.

Although the ActiveGuard system is supplied with its own Kronos control room software, Fidelity will be integrating the signals from the system into its in-house developed ExecuGuard control room software, to provide a solution that is totally integrated into all its other control room functions.

“The backup and support on a technology installation such as this is critical, and the partnership with Trinity has really worked for us. They have the technical skills to be able to assist us with the training, as well as the customising of the solution to meet our particular requirements,” says Whateley.

For more information contact Susan Craigl, marketing co-ordinator, Trinity Telecomms, +27 (0)83 299 9209,

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