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OnGuard 2009: smarter, simpler visitor management
September 2009, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Lenel Systems International’s new OnGuard 2009 security management platform includes a new visitor management system that simplifies visitor scheduling, and a camera embedded with intelligent video capabilities.

The new OnGuard visitor management system includes host enrolment, front desk and kiosk applications that can be purchased individually or as an integrated system. The host enrolment application enables employees to schedule meetings and enrol visitors from any networked computer running Windows Internet Explorer 7.0, without assistance from lobby personnel.

The front desk application assists receptionists by standardising the tasks of receiving and securely processing visitors. Receptionists can view multiple visitor entry locations, update events and visitor profiles, sign visitors in or out of the facility, and print temporary identification badges. In busy or unstaffed lobbies, visitors can use the self-service kiosk to check themselves in without assistance upon arrival. The kiosk is equipped with the kiosk application software, a camera to capture visitors’ photos, and a printer to produce temporary identification badges.

As an added convenience, employees can schedule visitors using their Microsoft Outlook calendars, and have them automatically entered into the OnGuard visitor management system.

Lenel is also introducing the LCi-100-DX, an IP video surveillance camera that has intrusion detection, loitering detection, smart video motion detection, and invalid camera intelligent video capabilities. When paired with OnGuard 2009, the realtime video analytics offer the highest degree of integration and alarm capture, and provide the tools for security staff to monitor and react appropriately to intercept security breaches as they occur.

Other new video management capabilities include a dual video on alarm feature, which enables OnGuard system operators to view both live video and alarm-triggered, previously recorded video simultaneously. By being able to view events that led up to an alarm, operators can optimise their response to the situation at hand. OnGuard also now supports video recorder failover with redundancy, which allows video to be recorded on both a primary and an alternate Lenel Network Video Recorder (LNVR) simultaneously, with the alternate recorder mirroring the primary.

If the primary LNVR malfunctions, the system automatically shifts video recording to the secondary LNVR, reducing the possibility of losing critical video data.

For more information contact Keziah Lain, Lenel Systems International, +1 585-267-8077,,

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