Philips debuts a new generation of AutoDome systems.

August '99 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

New Philips AutoDome systems offer easier installation, smaller size and faster operation in an all-in-one CCTV system

Philips is introducing two new all-in-one AutoDomes complete with integral colour camera, pan/tilt and receiver driver systems at IFSEC. The LTC 0829 Series for in-ceiling mounting and the LTC 0825 Series for pendant mounting feature an extremely wide 100x zoom capability comprising 16x optical zoom and 6,3x digital zoom resulting in smaller lens sizes. This helps make the new G3 Series AutoDomes an ideal small, easy-to-instal and lightweight all-in-one camera system for general purpose use in retail, banks, hotels, casinos, shopping centres and public buildings.

Although small and unobtrusive, these integrated AutoDomes provide high speed panning and tilting with 360° continuous rotation. Any of up to 99 preset positions can be called up with 0,5° accuracy in less than a second and a patented picture scaling feature ensures optimum control for excellent viewing at all zoom settings.

To ensure reliability, the G3 AutoDome systems are manufactured with rugged new motors and fewer moving parts making them ideal for high-usage applications.

The G3 Ceiling AutoDome is designed to save installation time. The camera easily twists and locks into place making installations quick and easy. They include an on-screen display during programming to ensure correct first time set-up. They also come as standard with 16 character sector titling for up to 16 sectors and up to 99 preposition titles so operators always know what they are viewing.

The auto-playback feature allows you to store up to three minutes of control commands and play them back whenever needed. For maximum flexibility, these units store all camera and position information including pan, tilt, zoom, AGC, pre-positions, camera set-up, etc.As with all Philips AutoDome systems, the G3 includes a patented AutoPivot feature that automatically rotates and flips the camera so tracking a subject walking under the dome is effortless.

You can use your Philips Allegiant control systems or G3 keyboard to set limits, pan between limits, control the phase adjustable line-lock delay, set the AGC, activate backlight compensation or any other of the advanced standard features included in the G3 AutoDome. A variety of styles, colours, and mounting options are available for all applications.

For details contact Tony Janse of Philips CSS on tel: (011) 471 6062, fax: (011) 471 6277 or e-mail:

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