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December 2005 Products

Video Domain Technologies (VDT) has developed and implemented a strategy for unattended sites, and is based on VDT's experience in assisting Israel's three major cellular telephone operators. By implementing the VDT strategy using the Neteye, all three operators saw a 90% reduction in site thefts along with a significant concurrent improvement in site uptime.

VDT's unattended infrastructure monitoring and protection strategy is suitable for all organisations with significant assets that require supervision, such as pipelines, gas, electric and water utilities, railways, airports, mines and many others.

The Neteye allows a user to remotely monitor any site, from remote warehouses, offices, manufacturing plants, storerooms, power stations to holiday homes. You can dial in anytime to inspect the site. The built-in alarm system can automatically connect through to a control room, giving both pre and post alarm pictures as well as a live view of the property.

The Neteye provides the facility to switch on lights, control PTZ cameras and open or lock doors or perform any switching function. The two-way voice will allow users to communicate with the site and manage it from anywhere. The Neteye even works in any rural area. The Neteye range includes PSTN, IP and GSM.

The Neteye can be set to alert the user if the alarm is triggered. It can either dial into a computer and indicate what triggered the alarm or it could be set to dial a cellphone. Free control room software is available for multi-users.

The Neteye product range is distributed by Emergency Reaction Services.

For more information contact Morris Maram, Emergency Reaction Services, 011 234 6000,


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