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June 2004 Infrastructure

Kenwood Radio Communications, based in Japan and marketed within Africa by Global Communications, tracks global technological trends to ensure it can offer its clients the latest in the way of VHF, UHF and HF radio systems for their communication needs, specifically in the fields of:

* Mining.

* Military.

* Police.

* Security.

* Prisons.

* Commerce and industry.

Kenwood's radio models presently on the market and those still to be launched are as follows:

TK2160 VHF/TK3160 UHF Portable

* 5 W/Priority Scan and Talk Back/PTT ID and Selcall/Voice Scrambler/Internal Vox/ QT/DQT/DTMF/2 Tone/DMS/5 Tone.

* Programmable call alerts and function keys.

* IP54/55 Waterproofing.

* Mil Spec C/D/E/F.

This radio is ICASA approved and readily available in both VHF and UHF models as the new substitution for the TK260G, which will still be available as long as stocks last. Spares for the TK260G will still be around for the next six to 10 years.

TK2207 VHF/TK3207 UHF Portable

* 5 W/fully synthesised 12,5 kHz.

* QT/DQT Squelch (DPL Compatible) PTT ID.

* 16 Channels/Voice Guide/Internal Vox/ Priority Scan and Call Back/Built in Voice Scrambler/Programmable Function/Tough and Waterproof (IP54/55).

Once ICASA approved, this radio will replace the successful basic function models TK2107/TK3107. As with the TK260G the spares support for the TK2107/3107 will be around for the next six to 10 years.

TK3130 UHF Portable

This 1 W portable radio is a new addition to our existing TK361T UHF portable and as such both models will co-exist in terms of being currently manufactured.

* Two Channel/eight available frequencies customer selectable.

* Scan/Voice Scrambler.

* 38 QT Tones/83 DQT Tones.

* Beep or Vibration alert or both.

This portable is currently being successively and extensively used in both Europe and Asia. It is not currently available locally as it is being processed for ICASA approval.

TK2140 VHF/TK3140 UHF Portable

This radio is aimed at the top end of the portable market and as such, is a 5-tone radio without a keypad. This product is a supportive product to the TK280/TK380 full-feature 5-tone portable. It recently received ICASA approval.

For more information contact Global Communications, 012 621 0400, www.globalcomms.co.za

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