New car alarm systems

July 2003 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Mul-T-Lock Vehicle Security recently launched two new car alarm systems - the MVP#625 and MVP#825. Both models are high-quality 2-way alarm systems that provide many special benefits and include a unique remote control unit.

The remote control, besides controlling the alarm system, also receives data transmission from the vehicle, starting from internal temperature, through monitoring and reporting any change in the vehicle security status, for example, breaking into the vehicle, opening any door, hood or trunk at armed status or operation of the siren.

Both systems include the following features:

* Remote control and security monitoring from a distance (effective 800-1200 m).

* LCD of remote with electronic luminescent backlight and vibrator.

* Hopping code technology.

* System code learns from different remote units (up to four units).

* Remote lock/arm and unlock/disarm, release trunk.

* Manual arm/disarm.

* Remote security status check and interior temperature displayed on LCD.

* Defective zone bypass displayed on LCD.

* Shock sensor bypass displayed on LCD.

* Remote-controlled/switch-controlled anti-carjack mode.

* Remote panic.

* Remote or manual valet.

* Main multifunctions programmable by software.

* Dashboard mount LED status indicator.

* Page-out call.

* Clock alarm.

* FCC approved. CE - pending.

For more information contact Mul-T-Lock Vehicle Security, 011 786 0385.

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