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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017

i-Cube represents V-Metrics software in SA
February 2005, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

I-Cube (Integrated Intelligent Imaging) now exclusively represents Active Recognition Technologies V-Metrics Software in Africa. The V-Metrics Software is the worlds first effective system that can accurately verify the identity of a vehicle for secure access control. V-Metrics refers to the capability to accurately verify the colour, shape, licence plate and other identifying visual characteristics of a vehicle. Once identified, the vehicle can be easily granted or denied access, tracked through a facility or monitored over time.

V-Metrics can be integrated with most gate and security control systems and works day or night, regardless of lighting or weather conditions. V-Metrics is ideal for use in South Africa wherever there is vehicle control points such a tollbooths, gates, parking lots, gated communities or secure facilities. Vehicles can be identified by colour, make and model and vehicle type. The underlying patented technology relies on a unique combination of an ontology-based visual search engine, neural networking and high-speed video processing algorithms to provide for the realtime processing or events across multiple lanes.

V-Metrics is a full-featured vehicle access control system with embedded vehicle identification and licence plate reading software. V-Metrics Software is easily installed and can be integrated into most existing gate control and security monitoring systems. V-Metrics Software also incorporates advanced investigative management features including the automated search and retrieval of any vehicle by colour, make, model or licence plate.

For more information contact Barry Dudley, I-Cube, 031 764 3077,,

Supplied By: I-Cube (Integrated, Intelligent, Imaging)
Tel: +27 33 330 2796
Fax: 086 653 9659
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