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Biometrics galore
April 2014, Technews Publishing, News

Before I get onto this month’s editor’s note, have you received your CCTV Handbook 2014 with Hi-Tech Security Solutions? You should have. It’s awesome and you shouldn’t miss it. If your Handbook was ...

Jobs, who needs them?
March 2014, Technews Publishing, News

This has been an interesting month full of gruesome logic failures, a maniacal lack of common sense, some potentially positive happenings, an international answer to user authentication issues (admittedly ...

Who is your ­competition?
February 2014, Technews Publishing, News

As you recovered from your December break and adjusted to your first days back in the slave galley, you may have noticed a news article about Google buying a company called Nest Labs for just over $3 ...

Surreptitious, behind the scenes goings on?
January 2014, Technews Publishing, News

The Security Industry Alliance (SIA) held its annual conference in mid-November with a number of industry leaders speaking on a variety of topics. What was clear from the speakers is that the industry ...

Social media for the rest of us
November 2013, Technews Publishing, News

As I write this, Twitter has just listed its shares on the stock exchange and made a few billionaires and millionaires. Sad to say, I don’t fall into either of those categories. However, it does bring ...

Maybe it's time to panic
October 2013, Technews Publishing, News

I spoke to someone dealing in identity authentication recently and he was telling me how some of South Africa’s business leaders are dead against the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act. According ...

Non-compliance is standard
September 2013, Hitech Micro Systems, Technews Publishing, News

An interesting thing happened on the way to the September issue of Hi-Tech Security Solutions. We have a feature on standards, but we’ve ended up with many articles dealing with standards in different ...

Full of stuff you need to know
August 2013, Hi-Tech Security Solutions, News

If you’re feeling weighed down, it’s because we have a huge issue this month. We have 120 pages of all the stuff you need to know about security, including a few interesting case studies (and one about ...

A month for ­spending
July 2013, Technews Publishing, News

Well, this past month or so has been an interesting one for the security industry as a glance at our news section will show. It seems there is a serious amount of consolidation in progress in the industry, ...

Ambling to Abu Dhabi
June 2013, Technews Publishing, News

I spent a few days in Abu Dhabi last month at a Milestone partner conference. There is a quick note about it in this issue and I will follow it up with a more in-depth article next month as there was ...

Surveillance culture, good and bad
May 2013, Technews Publishing, News

News of the bomb attack in Boston was all over the news last month, complete with some really mindless and careless speculation among TV and print journalists about who did it, who was arrested and ...

Investing in Africa? Is there a choice?
April 2013, Technews Publishing, News

It is strange to hear the different opinions people have on the security industry. The most common one I hear is that business must be booming if you have anything to do with security in South Africa ...

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