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From the editors desk

A month of surveillance
April 2015, Technews Publishing, News

The surveillance industry always has something happening, either in the technology arena where the latest inventions are being brought to market, or on the business side where the deals are made that ...

Isn’t security full of surprises
March 2015, Technews Publishing, News

We’re just finishing off our March issue and the news breaks that Canon is now buying Axis for $2.8 billion – or that’s the offer and the Axis board is feeling all warm and fuzzy about it. This just a ...

What happened during the holidays?
February 2015, Technews Publishing, News

It’s a sad state of affairs, but not everyone shuts down over the Christmas period. So, while most South Africans are in braai mode, the rest of the world carries on. Since this is the first issue we’re ...

Packing for Peru
January 2015, Technews Publishing, News

Business Insider recently published an article looking at global trends going forward (You can find it at While the article is worth a read for some interesting insights, the ...

Taking the lead
November 2014, Technews Publishing, News

The November issue of Hi-Tech Security Solutions is packed full of security news and views, and we have some good news from local companies. First of all, we take a look at the transport sector and ...

Qui custodit vigilum?
October 2014, Technews Publishing, News

It’s amazing to see how the security industry works. It seems so dull and boring (unless you happen to be a security officer, in which case you prefer dull and boring as it gets very dangerous otherwise). ...

Integration and information is the name of the game
September 2014, Technews Publishing, News

If you’re a regular Hi-Tech Security Solutions subscriber (do you follow our LinkedIn Group?), you’ll know that we’re about to launch our 2015 version of the Hi-Tech Security Business Directory, the most ...

Lost your keys? There’s an app for that
August 2014, Technews Publishing, News

Working on a magazine like Hi-Tech Security Solutions makes it easy to forget that all the technology that is dominating the security industry these days doesn’t really impact most people’s lives very ...

Home is where the surveillance is
July 2014, Technews Publishing, News

South Africa is generally pretty isolated from the big news happenings in the First World and we sometimes only feel the effects of global events long after, which is fortunate in some cases and unfortunate ...

The globality of integrated solutions
June 2014, Technews Publishing, News

The security industry is big on integration at the moment. If some of the people in the know were to be believed, you would think this is a new concept just invented. Of course integration has been around ...

The flexibility of ethics
May 2014, Technews Publishing, News

By now I’m sure everyone has heard of the masses of information the NSA in America is collecting from everywhere in its efforts to combat terrorism in America – well that’s the official line anyway. And ...

Biometrics galore
April 2014, Technews Publishing, News

Before I get onto this month’s editor’s note, have you received your CCTV Handbook 2014 with Hi-Tech Security Solutions? You should have. It’s awesome and you shouldn’t miss it. If your Handbook was ...

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