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Security Services & Risk Management

Morpho goes extreme
May 2017, Morpho South Africa, This Week's Editor's Pick, Access Control & Identity Management, Asset Management, EAS, RFID, News

April 2017 saw the international launch of Morpho’s (or Safran Identity & Security’s) MorphoAccess SIGMA Extreme. Morpho SA’s Paul Jeremias also took the opportunity to speak about the future of the company.

Testing integrity
May 2017, ZKTeco

In South Africa, the demand for integrity employee testing has started growing in recent years.

Integrity Control Systems
Securex 2017 preview

Integrity Control Systems specialises in security packaging and IME’s (integrity monitoring enablers) including tamper evident bags, specialised security tapes and labels, secure containers and totes, ...

Smart services reduce costs
May 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick, Asset Management, EAS, RFID, News, Integrated Solutions

Naxian’s smart services deliver lower maintenance costs and require fewer resources to manage electronic security installations as it streamlines the move to a service-oriented industry.

That’s where the money is
May 2017, Financial (Industry)

Criminals are always at work, are you always aware? Hi-Tech Security Solutions talks to SABRIC about banks and money.

Co-operation and data delivers returns for SAICB
May 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick, Financial (Industry), Associations

Data analysis and information sharing among insurance companies is producing sterling results in the fight against fraud.

Management, risk management and assurance
May 2017

Fraud or hacking occurs when someone evades a security control or when a control is not working effectively.

Securex 2017 preview, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products

WMS provides offsite CCTV monitoring services as well as rental finance to system installer and integrators. By partnering with WMS you can now offer offsite CCTV monitoring services to your new and existing ...

Can you screen integrity?
May 2017, Managed Integrity Evaluation

Screening or vetting employees before employment, and in some cases during their employment at a company, is nothing new in the fight against fraud and poor placements.

Where background screening matters
May 2017

Background checks are arguably one of the most essential steps in human resource management and staff recruitment today as they help root out unsuitable candidates.

You are responsible for your social media posts
May 2017

Seemingly innocent reposts and comments could increase a social media user’s risk of being held liable for defamation.

SETA accreditation for Crest’s training academy
May 2017, News, Conferences & Events

Crest Advisory Africa has announced that its Training Academy has been accredited as a SETA-approved service provider.

Active Track
Securex 2017 preview, Active Track

Active Track is a workforce management and reduction of payroll specialist. Its products put an end to your guards falling asleep, and ensure that patrols are carried out correctly. The products also ...

Retail security in the digital age
May 2017, Retail (Industry)

Retailers have been a target of cyber criminals for many years, given their access to vast volumes of customer data.

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