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Security Services & Risk Management

Polygraphs in the control room
November 2016, Leaderware, This Week's Editor's Pick, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The honesty and reliability of operators, supervisors and managers may be compromised in a number of ways. Dr Craig Donald investigates polygraphing as a solution.

Alpro at the riverside
November 2016, Access Control & Identity Management, Products

Panic hardware from Alpro is being used by Middlesbrough Football Club at its Riverside Stadium.

Datacentrix revamps Security Operations Centre
November 2016, News, Cyber Security

Datacentrix, a provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions, has officially launched its overhauled Security Operations Centre (SOC), unveiling a highly intelligent service that provides actionable information to help organisations respond to attacks faster and more efficiently.

New N3K cash vault
November 2016, Cash Connect, News, Products

Cash Connect launched South Africa’s first small under-counter, automated cash vault built to minimum SABS Category 4 level specifications – the Connectr 3000.u.

Keeping an eye on valuable cargo
November 2016, Transport (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

A covert escort service addresses the concerns that companies have in terms of signal jamming by nullifying its effect to a large extent.

King IV looks at your data
November 2016, J2 Software, Cyber Security

The launch of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa on 1 November provides a wake-up call for South African organisations.

Has the UPS changed?
November 2016, Jasco Enterprise, IT infrastructure

Uninterruptible power supply technology has been around for almost 50 years and has become a staple in our everyday business needs.

The body language of a property
November 2016, Alwinco

A person’s gestures, motions, stance and facial expressions, no matter how minute, can either support what they are saying or prove it to be false.

X-rays with a local touch
November 2016, This Week's Editor's Pick, Access Control & Identity Management, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Roteck’s latest innovation is its own branded baggage X-ray scanner, with a few additional features thrown in and a new business model.

IAM: Looking ahead
November 2016, Access Control & Identity Management

Identity and access management and access governance: the immediate past and the future.

A password you can’t forget
November 2016, Access Control & Identity Management

Voice biometrics doesn’t receive the same level of publicity that other forms of biometric technology do, but it is a fast growing form of identity authentication.

Using smart devices to provide recognition of individuals
November 2016, Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick, Access Control & Identity Management

[ezine teaser] The very idea of a computer being able to recognise people in a similar way to which we as humans instinctively recognise individuals, is mind boggling.

Accessing cyber security
November 2016, Tyco Security Products, This Week's Editor's Pick, Access Control & Identity Management, Cyber Security

Tyco Security Products is taking a proactive role in securing its range of physical security products by developing its Cyber Protection Programme.

XTime goes beyond T&A
November 2016, G4S Secure Solutions, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Products

XTime has evolved into an access control, time and attendance and visitor management solution capable of interfacing with all the major enterprise reporting and payroll platforms.

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