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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017

CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

PTZ auto-tracking solution
September 2017, Graphic Image Technologies, Products

Graphic Image Technologies (GIT) has announced the local availability of FLIR’s PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) auto-tracking solution for Quasar cameras.

4 MP network IR cameras
September 2017, Forbatt SA, Products

Sunell has launched a new range of 4 MP network cameras in a variety of models. The new series sports a 1/3-inch Progressive Scan CMOS motorised lens (2.7-12 mm) with low-light performance included in all the models.

Deepening the value of surveillance
September 2017, Hikvision South Africa, Residential Estate (Industry), Cyber Security

Deep Learning has swept through the IT industry, bringing benefits and better classifications to a number of applications. Now it’s changing security as well.

Why moving to IP is the best move
September 2017, MiRO Distribution, Residential Estate (Industry), IT infrastructure

Advances in technology offer residential estates and home owners access to the latest in security technology without having to pay a fortune for hardware, installation costs or complex cable runs.

Integrated surveillance solutions
September 2017, MASS, Products, Residential Estate (Industry)

Residential estate security made easy and affordable with the advanced technology.

Security starts at the perimeter
September 2017, Axis Communications SA, This Week's Editor's Pick, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Security Services & Risk Management, Transport (Industry)

Perimeter defence protection is the first layer of resistance to the outside world. Airport security personnel must be extra vigilant when inspecting their facility’s perimeter.

Monitor 60 moving targets simultaneously
September 2017, Forbatt SA, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Can you monitor 60 moving targets simultaneously within a 10 000 m² area, day and night, with only two cameras?

Virtual surveillance solutions
September 2017, IT infrastructure

Complex IT infrastructures are today part of the design and architecture of modern surveillance solutions.

TeleEye releases eventMAX
September 2017, TeleEye (South Africa), Products

eventMAX is TeleEye’s latest security alert service designed for instant and efficient event management.

Are IP cameras vulnerable to ­cyber attacks?
September 2017, Graphic Image Technologies, Cyber Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently on the rise and with the expansion of digitisation, the separation between physical security and network security is no longer clear.

Securing the perimeter at ­Chapman’s Bay Estate
September 2017, Axis Communications SA, Residential Estate (Industry), Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Axis Communications’ thermal cameras make life hot for criminals trying to breach the estate’s perimeter, while providing visual verification of on-site personnel.

Simple but secure home security
September 2017, Panasonic South Africa, Integrated Solutions

Panasonic’s Home Network System provides a broad range of security measures for your home, and that’s just one aspect of what it offers.

Forensic WDR technology
September 2017, Axis Communications SA, Residential Estate (Industry)

Axis Forensic WDR technology brings Wide Dynamic Range capabilities to new high-resolution cameras.

Your safety in sight
September 2017, Products, Residential Estate (Industry)

The Active Eye wireless IP camera system does not require a professional to install it, or a large capital spend to acquire it.

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