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Mining (Industry)

Fire system 2,6 km underground
February 2017, Spero Sensors & Instruments, Fire & Safety

Sperosens was recently tasked to design, supply, deliver, install and commission conveyor fire suppression systems on a South African gold mine.

A multi-pronged approach to security
May 2016, This Week's Editor's Pick, Security Services & Risk Management

More mines are beginning to see security as an investment rather than simply a cost centre.

Conveyor belt fire detection
May 2016, Technoswitch, Fire & Safety

Technoswitch Fire Detection discusses detecting and dealing with fires on conveyor belts in mines.

Substance abuse is a security issue
May 2016, ALCO-Safe, Security Services & Risk Management

Employees entering the mining workplace while under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only pose a health and safety risk, they are typically less productive than their sober colleagues.

Creating a Pan-African CCTV network
May 2016, Graphic Image Technologies, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

One of the challenges multinational mining companies face is how to consolidate their security efforts in order to monitor multiple sites in different countries from a central point in bandwidth-constrained environments.

The importance of fire-safe belt systems in mines
May 2016, Fire & Safety, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Despite common misconceptions, fire is a pervasive threat to conveyor belt systems in mines. Conveyor belt fires threaten the lives of anyone onsite and can cause the collapse of the conveyor structural elements.

Taking on illegal mining
May 2016, This Week's Editor's Pick, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

In their battle against artisanal miners illegally entering their properties and compromising site safety, mines have been unsuccessfully looking out for security solutions that are both reliable and affordable.

Safety and security goes hand in hand
May 2016, Spero Sensors & Instruments, Fire & Safety

Security systems include and extend to picking the correct fire protection and safety systems and equipment.

Ground-based stationary surveillance system
May 2016, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

anoptes Land is a ground-based surveillance system that automatically detects movement and changes in electro-optical (EO) full motion video (FMV) imagery captured by platforms such as stationary vehicles and surveillance towers.

Underground voice and data communications
January 2016, Becker Mining South Africa, IT infrastructure

Becker has introduced its latest Smartcom VHF leaky feeder system, which ensures dependable underground communications. This system has advanced features for reliability, flexibility and low maintenance requirements.

Using technology to increase mine health and safety
June 2015, Leaderware

There has been increasing pressure on mining operations to focus on the safety and security of their personnel. This is especially pertinent to underground operations, but is also applicable where processing of minerals and ore takes place.

Security needs to step into the modern era
June 2015, Xone Integrated Security

The effective use of technology and incident management systems in a command and control scenario on mines can improve safety, operational performance and even prevent labour unrest.

IP delivers more than images
June 2015, Milestone Systems

Many of the world’s mines are improving operations by migrating from analogue to more sophisticated digital video surveillance systems.

Biometric use on mines
June 2015, Morpho South Africa

Morpho’s Paul Jeremias talks to Hi-Tech Security Solutions about the growing use of biometrics on mines.

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