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Cyber Security

Data security sits at the heart of democracy
February 2019, Security Services & Risk Management

A succession of high-profile government data breaches both locally and abroad has cast a stark light on the importance of effective public sector cybersecurity policies and protections.

50% of companies can’t detect IoT breaches
February 2019, This Week's Editor's Pick, IT infrastructure

Only around half (48%) of businesses can detect if any of their IoT devices suffer a breach. This comes despite an increased focus on IoT security.

2019 cybersecurity crystal ball
February 2019, Wolfpack Information Risk, This Week's Editor's Pick

Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk says the cyber landscape will be more volatile and dangerous in 2019, are we ready?

Corporate fraud and insider threats
February 2019, Security Services & Risk Management

Insider fraud and theft can often be more damaging to a company than risks from outside.

Corporate privacy in a selfie age
February 2019, Security Services & Risk Management

Doros Hadjizenonos, regional sales director at Fortinet in South Africa looks at how CISOs can maintain corporate privacy even as employees adopt emerging technologies.

SME cybersecurity: high risk
February 2019, IT infrastructure

Small and medium-sized businesses are becoming more attractive targets for cyber criminals – both direct and also as a starting point for larger attacks across a supply chain.

Kaspersky unveils new partner programme
February 2019, Kaspersky Lab, News

Specialised, enabling and profitable: Kaspersky Lab unveils new programme to empower its partners and improve services to clients.

Managing who, what and why
November 2018, Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick

Today’s access control isn’t only concerned with who has access, but also what has access, why they need it and what they are doing with it.

Physical/logical convergence
November 2018, Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure

The convergence between physical and logical (or cyber) security will be a game-changer because it will change the way we do everything, from planning to design and all the way to installation and maintenance.

Using tomorrow’s tools to solve ­today’s security problems
November 2018, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions

It is the companies that are already investing in tomorrow’s tools to solve today’s problems that will survive the ongoing onslaught to circumvent security solutions.

How close has video analytics grown to AI?
November 2018, Technews Publishing, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks how far artificial intelligence has changed the video analytics market and how it will make an impact in future.

The need for resilience in national infrastructure
November 2018, Government and Parastatal (Industry), Security Services & Risk Management

The industries and infrastructure on which so much of our daily lives depend are deep in the midst of mass digitisation.

Protecting constantly connected users
November 2018, Products

The latest versions of ESET security products offer multi-layered protection, enhanced IoT protection, product referral and a new security report feature.

Card skimming gets more aggressive
November 2018, Galix Networking, Security Services & Risk Management

The MagentoCore skimmer scam has been described as the most successful skimming campaign to date, with over 7993 online stores hosted on the Magento global ecommerce platform.

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