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Integrated intruder and access solution
October 2011, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Honeywell has announced the launch of Galaxy Flex, a new integrated intruder and access control security solution for small to mid-sized commercial deployments and large residential sites. Galaxy Flex offers all the features of the Galaxy Dimension security solution in a fully compliant EN50131-1 Security Grade 2, PD6662:2004/2010 system.

For installers, Galaxy Flex ensures a faster and more cost effective installation. Its robust plastic housing allows radio and communication modules to be mounted directly inside the product casing speeding up installation and reducing the number of boxes and cabling required. In addition, the moulded design allows modules to be quickly clipped into place, and the hinged, removable lid offers flexibility during installation.

Simplicity and ease of use are central to the Galaxy Flex programming functionality, which has a quick start guide and easy-to-navigate menu. The product also incorporates a plug-and-play feature which automatically detects remote peripherals once the panel is powered up. This reduces training requirements and speeds up installation. Programming using a PC is also fast and simple using the Galaxy Flex Windows programming interface either directly via USB cable connection or remotely via Ethernet, GPRS or PSTN.

Galaxy Flex also comes equipped with flexible communications and power options, with multiple dual path communications options that allow existing communication for alarm signalling and remote servicing, and a variety of power connections available to meet installers’ preferences.

Galaxy Flex includes a range of intuitive and attractive end user interfaces such as the Galaxy TouchCenter keypad and the new MK8 keypad. All user interfaces have optional proximity operation so users will not need to remember a PIN code, thus reducing user errors, false alarms and potentially unnecessary engineer call outs. Galaxy TouchCenter provides an attractive touch-screen interface which simplifies operation with its intuitive graphical menu and on screen help files.

Minimising disruption to home life or business operations is also central to the solution, featuring wireless options – based on Honeywell’s patented bi-directional radio and Agile Routing technologies – to deliver reliable high security with rapid and unobtrusive installation. Galaxy Flex can also be managed and maintained remotely, allowing an installer to monitor an end user’s alarm system, and respond quickly and appropriately to alarm activations.

“Galaxy Flex is built on our popular Galaxy technology covering a broad range of installation requirements that need Security Grade 2 compliance, from residential to mid-sized commercial,” comments Daniel Wan, UK marketing leader, Honeywell Security Group. “One platform for usage across the home and business provides installers with flexibility and scalability, and minimises the number of products they are required to stock. For end users, it reduces system error through familiarity, and provides one point of contact for service and maintenance scheduling.”

For more information regarding Galaxy Flex, please visit www.honeywellgalaxyflex.com.

For more information contact Honeywell Systems Group, +44 (0)1928 754023, nick.honess@honeywell.com, www.honeywell.com

Supplied By: Honeywell ACS South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11 695 8000
Fax: +27 (0)11 805 1554
Email: hsa@honeywell.com
www: www.honeywell.co.za
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