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New Titan 12 management and security system
July 2011, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Products

The Titan 12 management and security system panel has been upgraded through the addition of the SIMCOM 900 GSM wireless engine from Otto Wireless Solutions.

Developed by J Fine Innovations, the Titan 12 offers a GSM/SMS/GPRS-based solution for industrial monitoring, management and security. Featuring both a 12-zone wireless alarm system as well as 12 configurable wired inputs, it is ideal for managing industrial installations, remote radio and cell towers, and sub stations. In addition to the inputs the Titan 12 also has outputs to facilitate the remote control of air conditioners, generators and other equipment.

The Titan 12 Management and Security System from J Fine Innovations
The Titan 12 Management and Security System from J Fine Innovations

The 12 zone wireless alarm system can accommodate up to 24 wireless detectors with alarm, tamper and supervision signals. Each wireless zone or wired input can be configured to operate with the alarm arm/disarm function, or remain permanently active. The unit also has four outputs for connection to an armed response radio transmitter. Three relay outputs operate gas discharge (manual or automatic) and internal and external sirens.

Up to six of the wired inputs can be analogue inputs, and one of them is especially configured for fuel tanks and connects directly to the fuel level meter. The special fuel tank input will give a reading when the Titan 12 is armed and disarmed to enable monitoring of fuel theft. The remaining analogue inputs can be used to monitor battery levels, temperatures and other devices with analogue outputs.

The system can be controlled by up to 24 keyring remote controls that can operate the Titan 12 with user identification. An additional 12 users can operate the Titan 12 by means of the password-protected keypad, or via SMS. In unmanned or remote sites, the Titan 12 can also operate independently by means of pre-programmed timers.

The standard system includes more than enough I/Os for most applications. However, the system can be expanded by means of additional control boards which can be connected via the on-board RS485 and RS232 connections. The SIMCom SIM900 wireless engine has proven to be very reliable in the field, and the unit can be programmed over the air, reducing the maintenance and support effort, and eliminating visits to each site to update the software functionality.

For further information contact Chris Viveiros, general manager, Otto Wireless Solutions, on +27 (0)11 791 1033 or +27 (0)83 255 9970, e-mail chris@otto.co.za, www.otto.co.za

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