ATM security solution

1 March 2020 Security Services & Risk Management

Financial institutions are having a tough time when it comes to securing their ATMs, especially remote ATM sites. Secutel Technologies has developed a range of integrated security solutions for ATM security.

The Secutel Visual Verifier for ATM is a system specifically designed for banks, to secure cash in their auto tellers. In areas where high-value losses can occur, the Visual Verifier is not only a normal intruder detection system but has the added benefit of allowing the control room operators to visually see and verify the situation in real-time; enabling them to make the correct decision on how to best handle any given situation.

An alarm trigger is created from the PIR detectors linked to purpose-built cameras which are activated when the sensor is triggered. The camera takes multiple photos, which are sent via a communication network such as a secure GSM APN or broadband to the monitoring control room for the purpose of determining if an activation is genuine or false.

The main benefits are:

• The basic objective of visual verification of a potential intrusion, is to verify whether there is an intrusion or not.

• Real-time encrypted transmission of alarm triggers and snapshots over secure network.

• Highly effective monitoring as control room operators deal with exceptions only.

• Cost-effective way of being able to view the inside of the ATM cubicle.

• High quality colour snapshots regardless of light.

• Designed to cater for African conditions - low bandwidth usage and power volatility.

• Sound, vibration, movement and camera line of view change detection

• Instant remote visibility of site without latency.

• Custodian behaviour management and monitoring.

• Access control with automated reporting on door open, closed and locked status on doors equipped with the necessary sensors.

Other features include:

• Tamper detection.

• Cell jamming detection.

• Auto arming and disarming of sites.

• IP communications over ethernet with backup dual SIMs with auto failover and selection of best available signal.

• System health monitoring and reporting with automated ticket management.

• Battery backup for up to 72 hours where required.

Front of ATM solution

The increased usage of ATMs has resulted in criminals devising various scams such as card skimming, swapping of cards, ATM shoulder surfing and the trapping of cards inside ATMs to steal card data or actual cards. Secutel’s locally developed and manufactured SecuVue Cloud Video Recorder., linked to SecuVue Cloud, is a surveillance solution which was designed and developed to specifically address these challenges faced by banks.

The principle of SecuVue is simple. Pinhole video cameras are installed in the facia of the ATM which are linked to a SecuVue Cloud Video Recorder inside the ATM cubicle, which then monitors user-defined areas in view of a camera to detect motion. It is therefore not required to have a physical link between the ATM and the cameras to trigger the recording of footage. Images are sent to the SecuVue Cloud and processed in accordance with the business rules defined by the bank.


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