Time management at school

Issue 2 2020 Education (Industry)

We live in times where there are many challenges facing our schools and their precious cargo. Itec Technology Solutions is at the forefront in offering efficient solutions to suit educational operations’ rapidly changing needs and challenges. To improve its service, Itec approached ERS Biometrics to provide solutions to better control time management and security options at schools.

It is a requirement that the attendance of all students be recorded and this information sent through to the Department of Education, resulting in a huge amount of paperwork. Added to this, schools continuously face the problem of students arriving late as well as being absent.

Itec has successfully implemented a full solution at Goudwes School in Carltonville, consisting of turnstiles, biometric readers and the ERSBio’s Access Control and Time Management software to manage this problem.

When a student moves through a turnstile, their time of arrival or exit is electronically recorded in the cloud. Should the student arrive late or not arrive at all, the parent will be notified via email or SMS.

A fully mobile biometric device assists in managing attendance of students when on tour or at an event.

By implementing this solution, all attendance is electronically captured and instantly available in the cloud, allowing for easy real-time reporting and alerts. An added benefit is getting rid of excess paperwork and manual data capturing.

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