Enabling education as essential service

Issue 2 2020 Education (Industry)

The quality of education and the future of the next generation and our nation cannot be overstated. With direct impact on equality, employment, GDP and therefore our future, it should be addressed as our top priority. Technology solutions used in this effort should create a safe environment, protect the infrastructure essential for education and hold accountable students and educators accordingly.

We understand the diversity of our continent and country. There is no single solution that can be applied to every environment, from underdeveloped rural educational centres to high-end private schools, universities, colleges and critical skills development centres. Suprema offers a wide range of integrated solutions to meet every challenge.

Suprema solutions, with biometric identity as the key, are supported by an extensive range of fingerprint, facial, card access and mobile terminals which are easy to use and are suited to any environment, with options for indoor or outdoor applications, fixed or mobile.

Controlling access

With fix-mount readers, supporting face, finger, card or PIN, and with on-device users from 10 000 to 200 000, or more using server matching, with instant matching responses, Suprema’s terminals can be combined in any hybrid architecture to deliver the optimal solution for almost any access control implementation. Moreover, BioRugged terminals enabled by Suprema biometrics are ideal to extend these solutions through mobility, for guarding, patrolling functions and visitors at the gate.

Specific facility access

Controlling access to specific facilities such as labs, libraries and cafeterias has a multi-function purpose of protecting expensive lab equipment and computers, only granting access to those entitled to those facilities and also the ability to regulate time accessed (resource management) as well as minimum and maximum time spent in those facilities as part of the curriculum.

Beyond the standard access solutions, logical access to PCs, student software, the Internet or libraries can easily be enabled with Suprema’s BioMini Slim range designed to integrate into any Windows, Linux or Android platform.

Student and lecturer attendance

Adding time and attendance (T&A) using existing access control infrastructure, or totally separate equipment for staff as well as students is an easy choice. Applications can be implemented to ensure that students that have been granted bursaries attend lessons regularly and a simple T&A; system can be used to keep track of this. Automated reporting can be implemented to provide feedback on attendance.

Positive identification for exam access

To curb cheating, or rather to ensure that exam results belong to the actual person, is extremely important for quality education. ID books can easily be falsified and students entering an examination hall could be anyone. Biometric authentication provides a secure method of preventing another person from fraudulently taking an exam on behalf of someone else.

This is easily achieved through standard fixed facility access control readers, using programmed exam schedules, or through BioRugged mobile terminals.

Aftercare billing, extramural

Schools can also implement T&A; systems for additional services, which can be linked to reports for accurate billing purposes.

Mobile roll call

Whether attending sporting events, local or international road trips, team building or even emergency evacuation, real-time roll call is essential to account for the presence of students and staff. Reporting in real time to parents creates peace of mind, with no need for concern as to whether your child got on the bus or aeroplane, if they arrived safely and if they are in the presence of proper supervision.

Solutions range from fix-mounted terminals, with BioRugged mobile terminals supporting GPS-linked data to add location to this solution. Several custom school solutions have also been built with Suprema’s SFM OEM sensors specifically designed for this need with purpose-built software.

1 + 1 = 3

Separate solutions offer value, but several solutions working together is what makes the difference. If it is using all or some of the above, adding CCTV linked to your access control or whatever other disruptive solutions educational institutions want to add, Suprema’s focus on integration makes the difference. Users have the choice to use Suprema as a standalone solution, or integrated with many specialists, such as Gallagher, Isonas, Avigilon, Saflec, Impro, Paxton, Software House, Nedap, Cathexis, Arteco, Milestone, Hikvision, Ipixa/Network Optix, Jarrison Time and more. Suprema South Africa is geared for integration, with APIs, SDKs and local specialist engineers to help you make a choice or to help you integrate Suprema into your solution.


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