Facial biometrics in healthcare

Issue 2 2020 Education (Industry)

The increased demands on healthcare services is a global phenomenon that needs reliable security systems to help protect each organisation’s and person’s safety and privacy.

There are various challenges that employees in the health sector must face, such as the growth of decentralised facilities, standardising security products, cost containment across all physical security systems, employees and patients having a higher expectation of security and protecting the privacy of patients and their records.

Facial recognition technology is one of the latest biometrics to be used within this industry as hospitals and healthcare centres require a solution to control access and manage attendance of staff to ensure efficiency. A versatile biometric system, which includes facial recognition technology integrated within access control, time attendance and video surveillance, can be a sustainable solution for safeguarding patients and staff.

With facial recognition technology the possibilities are endless, a touchless biometric technology, it makes recognition a less time consuming, more hygienic and user-friendly, hard to falsify and cost-effective verification method.

Making use of facial recognition technology within a hospital, clinic or pharmacy will ensure that security systems are more accurate and safer. Imagine having to deal with very private information and having to allow only a few people access to this information. Facial recognition integrated with access control installed at that restricted part of the hospital or pharmacy will ensure that management knows exactly who has been in that area, when and how long they have been in there.

Having to deal with patients within an area that requires high care while opening and closing doors can result in the area not being hygienic. With facial recognition technology all this can be changed. Thus, facial recognition technology enables better hygiene, monitoring and safety. With facial recognition technology, security possibilities are endless. Any healthcare facility is the perfect environment for facial recognition technology, and it would be advised that every hospital, clinic, pharmacy etc. does the transition to this technology and level of security, as it grows with time.

ZKTeco has created a range of visible light facial recognition products which has been specifically developed for purposes where high-speed facial recognition at an extremely high level of accuracy, is vital. ZKTeco visible light facial recognition technology is a touchless biometric solution, which is much more hygienic than other biometric technologies.


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