Access control for hospitals

1 March 2020 Healthcare (Industry)

Leaders in the healthcare industry always look for innovative technologies and solutions to improve patients’ care and enhance operational efficiencies.

Matrix COSEC access control solutions is a range of intelligently designed products that meet the strict requirements of the healthcare sector. Matrix offers secure access control solutions for hospitals and clinics. It supports the healthcare industry standards, to meet their needs of access control and time and attendance through fingerprint, RFID card and contactless palm-vein based readers.

Contactless palm vein reader

Hygiene is the prime concern for hospitals. Access control devices, like fingerprint readers would be touched by every person entering or exiting, which does not support a hygienic environment. Matrix provides a contactless palm vein reader for time and attendance and access control needs.

Sensitive areas

Hospitals have certain areas/zones like operation theatres, paediatric wards, dispensaries or research labs where only authorised personnel are allowed access. Matrix Access control’s user-time-zone based access restricts unauthorised movement in these areas within the premises.

Employee self-service portal

Matrix’s Time and Attendance manages employee’s attendance, leave and overtime. The system can allocate various shifts to staff and maintain records of break/lunch hours of individual employees. Each employee can view their leave records, holidays or attendance using the employee self-service portal.

Hospitals are under constant pressure to foster their patients, visitors and staff without any disruption or inconvenience in their regular cycle of work. It is always a challenge for small clinics or multi-campus hospitals to provide a safe and secure environment for patients and staff. Along with offering round the clock service within a constrained budget, Matrix COSEC offers a range of intelligently designed products and solutions that meet the critical requirements of the healthcare sector.


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