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1 March 2020 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

No one can stay alert for a potential home or business security breach every hour of every day. That’s why alarm solutions are critically important in terms of identifying and reacting to any incident in the fastest and most effective way.

But not all situations require the same kind of alarm system. In some cases, for example, a customer needs to be aware when the perimeter of a site or location is breached. In other situations, they may need to monitor entrances or site perimeters, to track multiple intruders at the same time, or to speed up responses in the event of attacks in buildings or in public spaces.

To address this broad range of end-customer requirements, Hikvision has created a broad portfolio of alarm solutions that are sophisticated, automated, and fit for purpose.

Hikvision Intrusion Alarm

To maximise home security, the solution combines a wide range of integrated detectors, including door and window-contact detectors, break-glass detectors, vibration detectors, smoke, and temperature detectors. Customers can also stream video from their security cameras direct to their mobile phones with Hikvision’s Intruder Verification as a Service (IVaaS) technology, which seamlessly unites video with intrusion detection capabilities in a single platform.

The Hikvision Intrusion Alarm solution includes wireless alarm control panels and peripherals that make it fast and easy to deploy in home environments. Wired products are also available for small commercial applications.

For residential applications, end users can connect to the alarm control panel, receive alerts, and watch streamed video from CCTV cameras on their handheld devices. They can also configure their home security system remotely and view alarm reports.

Hikvision Security Radar

Customers with large sites to secure may need to track multiple intruders concurrently. You can give them this capability with Hikvision Security Radar, which offers a detecting distance of up to 120 metres and a 120-degree detecting angle. That means users can cover sites of 15 000 square metres and – most importantly – they can track up to 64 targets simultaneously.

To make life easy for security teams, they can define the different areas to be monitored, such as the warehouse, the car park, the perimeter or entrance, and others as needed. One Hikvision Radar can link up to four PTZ dome cameras at the same time to check multiple targets via video. With Hikvision, customers also get an extremely low rate of false alarms. This means they can focus on real intruders rather than pets or other animals, or weather interference such as fog, rain or snow.

Hikvision Perimeter Protection

The best way users can minimise safety risk and damage to their assets is to stop intruders while they are still outside the site or building – and that’s what Hikvision Perimeter Protection is all about. To stop criminals in their tracks, Hikvision uses two parallel infra-red bars that have to be broken at the same time for the alarm to be sounded.

With two infra-red bars, you can filter out all kinds of false alarms, from small animals crossing their perimeter, to falling leaves or flickering lights. Customers can also monitor their perimeter security remotely via their handheld devices.

Hikvision Emergency Alarm

An emergency situation can unfold anywhere, in a school, on a university campus, in a park, or in the street. To help security teams work effectively, and ensure that people feel safe wherever they are, Hikvision has created an Emergency Alarm system.

This solution allows a person in an emergency situation to call for help by pushing a button, or by broadcasting a call for help. The Hikvision solution has a built-in camera and audio recording facility to collect evidence of the events taking place.

In addition to these benefits, the solution is available in different formats and can be integrated with safe city technologies, including dome cameras, licence-plate recognition cameras, low-light cameras, and more.


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