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October 2019 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, IT infrastructure, Transport (Industry)

In a world busier than ever, it is not exaggerating to say that our lives and businesses cannot afford even an hour's delay in transportation, yet its safety and efficient operations are constantly exposed to all sorts of incidents like criminal attacks and even unexpected accidents. Last year, Australia passed The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Police Powers at Airports) Bill enabling the police to perform random ID checks, which is somewhat inefficient, therefore causing unpleasant experience to passengers. There must be a better way to do this.

Other transportation hubs such as railways, subways, public buses, ports and parking lots, face similar security challenges. These areas are typically flooded with people from all places and cargo of all types, making it costly and time consuming to track and check them manually.

Dahua Technology has been working for years to provide comprehensive smart transportation solutions that guarantee users more security, more efficiency and more profit. Thanks to the rapid development of AI technology in recent years, Dahua Smart Transportation Solutions has been widely applied in major transportation hubs.

The Dahua Railway Solution

As the expansion of cities and population causes a series of traffic problems on roads, railways and subways have become one of the ways people travel. Due to the increasing importance of railway safety, traditional video surveillance solutions can no longer meet modern security needs. In order to ensure the safety of railway facilities, passengers and staff securities, the Dahua Railway Solution combines AI, big data and other technologies based on video surveillance with actual business scenarios to help railway operators respond to various emergencies and create a pleasant journey for passengers.

Suspect Warning: Dahua face recognition cameras are deployed at entrances and exits to capture and identify human faces, which will then be compared to the images in the database. It will trigger the alarm if a wanted or blacklisted person enters the perimeter, aiding the police in capturing suspects.

Business Intelligence: With functions such as people counting and queue management, the smart Dahua security system assists retailers in increasing operating efficiency and enhancing profits by analysing and classifying the traffic flow in their shops at the train station.

Incident Early Warning: Intelligent perimeter technology helps detect passengers falling off the platform within the platform area, ensuring the safety of passengers getting on and off the train.

Fatigue Driving Warning: Dangerous driving behaviours such as fatigue driving, smoking, etc. can be identified, which will trigger the alarm accordingly to inform both the platform staff and driver, securing all the passengers on board.

Case study

Carrying 400 000 passengers a day, Recife’s urban trains system in Brazil chose Dahua railway solution to upgrade its security. 1380 HD Dahua network cameras with video analytics as well as Starlight cameras were installed to monitor 52 places scattered all over the 71 km area of the railway line. These cameras work 24/7 in capturing and identifying images, reinforcing the security of the Central and Southern lines of the Pernambuco Subway.

It also provides operators with detailed views of the subway operations, especially during peak hours or tourist events such as carnivals. The AI analytics can automatically trigger the alarm if facial features of a criminal are matched in the database. The new video surveillance system was also designed to be managed via centralised management.

Dahua Airport Solution

Dahua Airport Solution provides customers with more efficient visual security solutions tailored for flight areas, terminals and public areas in order to meet both monitoring and early warning needs of modern airport security. In addition to basic CCTV, access control and alarms, Dahua Airport Solution also integrates cloud computing, AI, big data and other up-to-date technologies to deliver an upgraded airport security system to its customers.

Intelligent detection in the terminal: Artificial intelligence technology is applied in terminal building areas to fulfil passenger behavioural analysis, personnel loitering detection, unattended baggage detection, population density analysis, traffic statistics and other functions that can aid intelligent early warnings, creating customer value.

Perimeter protection: The perimeter of the airport is monitored by thermal imaging technology, which is suitable for various weather conditions and provides users with high-precision intrusion detection warnings. Combined with a visible light camera, users can capture a clear picture of an incident.

Face recognition: Face recognition technology has also been widely used in the airport vicinity. It is deployed at key entrance and exit areas to identify people entering the airport and to provide users with a timely warning when a high-risk individual has been detected.

Take-off and landing tracking: It is well known that the aircraft take-off and landing process is the most dangerous and complex stage during the entire flight. The Dahua Visual Aircraft Landing and Tracking System can completely track and monitor the status of aircraft take-off and landing. The system can detect abnormal conditions on time – such as when the landing gear is not lowered normally – which ensures the safety of the aircraft during take-off and landing.

Case study

In 2018, one of the largest airports in Sri Lanka adapted the Dahua Thermal Imaging Perimeter Monitoring System to protect the safety of its flight zones. The system has guaranteed the take-off and landing of more than 60 000 aircraft, guarding the safety of 10 million passengers throughout the year. The system can effectively collect images around the clock and allows automatic monitoring of intrusion events under various conditions such as total darkness, glare, backlight, fog, smog, etc.

The Dahua Port Solution features HD video surveillance for a more efficient management of people, vehicles and containers. Dahua container number recognition technology enables cameras to identify licence plates, vehicle weight and other information automatically, helping port administrators save labour cost.

Dahua’s Parking Solution integrates ANPR and video analytics enabling automatic driving in/out without manual interference to improve parking efficiency. Additionally, guiding and locating vehicles via the embedded E-map also enhances the user experience.

For more information, contact Marius du Preez, Dahua Technology South Africa,+27 66 230 2684,,


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