Facial recognition trends

Issue 1 2020 Commercial (Industry)

Customer service has changed throughout the years and technology is a big player in this regard. How you approach a client/customer can influence whether they will buy from you again.

Today technology has created levels on which businesses can thrive. Ever imagined not having to carry your ID or bank cards with you whenever you go to the bank? How about making use of your beautiful or handsome face to apply for loans or opening a savings/credit account. The reality is this technology is available as we speak.

Facial recognition is being used in many businesses today. As strange as it sounds, our physical appearance can now verify payments, open an account, grant access and improve existing security systems. Protecting physical and digital possessions is a universal concern, which benefits everyone, unless you’re a cybercriminal or a kleptomaniac.

Facial recognition systems are gradually being installed in more industries including manufacturing, construction, law enforcement and healthcare. Looking at the banking industry, this technology has given marketers the opportunity to turn banks into living and responsive places – talk about client/customer services upgraded.

Each day thousands of consumers take to physical banks and, for the most part, banking officials have little-to-no intelligence about who those consumers are, much less their needs or preferences. This can and will change. A growing number of banking institutions, retailers and technology giants are aiming to change this by turning banks and stores into physical interactive spaces that measure every consumer footfall, action and reaction within a store using facial recognition.

The ability to collect and collate masses of personal data has given marketers and advertisers the chance to get closer than ever to their target markets. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why businesses want making payments, opening an account to be easy. Online shopping and contactless cards are just two examples that demonstrate the seamlessness of postmodern purchases.

With facial recognition platforms, however, customers wouldn’t even need their cards. Customers can register themselves on a bank’s or store’s facial recognition platform and make use of the specific app to confirm a payment using their camera. As well as verifying a payment, facial recognition technology can be integrated with physical devices and objects. Instead of using passcodes, mobile phones and other consumer electronics will be accessed via the owners’ facial features.

The future is facial recognition technology. As consumers, we will be able to get into our cars, houses, and other secure physical locations simply by looking at them. Although one might argue and say that this technology is still being tested out on various platforms, some companies are already working on improving this system. The technological incapability of facial recognition has been exposed along with the increasing usage in our daily life, mainly in the areas of anti-spoofing, threshold of processing power, environmental restriction on light source and pose of angle.

Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition is the latest technology from ZKTeco aimed to overcome shortcomings of previous facial recognition systems and achieve an all-rounded upgrade on performance and reliability by using deep learning. Deep learning is adapted to fill up those three technological in capabilities as mentioned, and has been passing through continuous training to keep enhancing its performance. There is no doubt at all that facial recognition is considered as one of the rising biometric technologies and many are optimistic about its development in the future.

For more information, contact ZKTeco (SA), +27 12 259 1047, [email protected], www.zkteco.co.za


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