Nothing holds Eudricht back

Issue 1 2020 Security Services & Risk Management

In this personality profile, Eudricht Kotze talks of his journey overcoming adversity in the security industry.

My journey of becoming the young professional I am today started in 2013 after I had an unforeseen vehicle accident mid-2012. I came with a civil engineering background right into the heart of security and life safety, working for Rosso Technology, based on site at Woolworths HQ in Cape Town alongside two other technicians. I had always had a huge passion for working with my hands, people and pushing the limits to better myself.

Eudricht Kotze.

After my first year of on-site work I was moved up to key accounts manager, looking after 400+ Woolworths stores nationwide and all three branches of Rosso. My role was to guide my teams to ensure every store is up to standard with their life safety equipment (fire detection).

I felt a sense of growth in me and in 2015 joined the distribution sector. I was very fortunate to bring to the table my knowledge of leadership and solution selling, but little had I known how much more there is to providing a full 360-degree turnkey solution. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by the best of what the market had to offer in furthering myself, not just with products, but with solutions.

I very quickly realised that the market had become very product driven, but that no person, place or environment is bound to one or two products. I then restructured myself to not be a product specialist, but rather a solutions architect. This would include a full solution, from the backbone infrastructure right to the very last camera point and life safety requirement.

A well-executed turnkey solution might sound simple, but it is far from it. Listen to the customer’s wants and needs, considering what is possible and available. Ultimately you want to provide total cost of ownership which is user friendly, within budget and of a quality that minimises risk, false alarms and downtime.

I had to put my practice to work by starting small. I firstly did some groundwork in Cape Town with a very well-known access control product which allowed for interfacing with multiple CCTV, biometrics and fire detection systems. I also had the chance to provide the same solution up in Namibia, which ranged from retail stores, wildlife estates to the High Court and Parliament.

My latest work had been in and around the Boland, the southern part of Cape Town and the west coast with successful LPR, perimeter thermal, access control systems, with everything accessible on one management platform at the touch of a button.

At the end of 2018 I moved my career to further heights and joined the Sensor Security Systems family, which has allowed me to express myself and my knowledge to its full potential. They have invested in my career and me, and today I am a better version of myself and the only wheelchair bound Level 4 Fire Designer in the distribution sector in SA. I plan to carry on providing the best possible turnkey solution to any and every scenario I come across to ensure user friendliness and cost of ownership.


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