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July 2019 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Established in 2004, NUUO is a global security industry leader specialising in the manufacturing of open architecture video surveillance products, with deployments worldwide and an ever-growing base of professional industry-experienced staff.

NUUO NVR products can be found throughout a diverse array of vertical market segments including, but not limited to, healthcare, education, government and retail. Simple, yet value rich designs are deployed with focus on quality and longevity without unnecessary re-occurring costs, which differentiates their products from competitors. Feature sets on these NVRs are desired by many to provide solutions to an ever increasingly complicated security environment.

Currently NUUO is pioneering the future with cutting edge developments in the surveillance industry responding to new requirements as technology evolves. With the cost of cameras continuously decreasing the ability to efficiently manage larger solutions with various technologies is what makes NUUO’s Tribrid NVRs a product of choice for many.

NUUO’s Mainconsole Tribid NVR solution has the ability to record and manage CVBS, HDoC and IP, making it a cost-effective solution when taking over existing sites allowing the end user the ability to make use of some of the latest features without having to replace their existing cameras.

Mainconsole’s latest upgrade which is easily identifiable by its new dark skin GUI is feature rich with over 1500 features.
Mainconsole’s latest upgrade which is easily identifiable by its new dark skin GUI is feature rich with over 1500 features.

With its wide product portfolio NUUO is able to cater for individual preferences allowing the choice of their Crystal family which is the Linux based hardware solutions or if preferred the Mainconsole PC-based software solutions all being managed by one central management suite NU Client or CMS with VM now also supported.

Keep your servers performing

Mainconsole supports N+1 Failover ensuring continuous recording with its OnGuard software watchdog assisting with automatic restart of the servers. Additional features supported by Mainconsole include edge storage retrieval, scheduled automatic FTP backup, Windows active directory, edge based video analytics, Compound event for false alarm reduction and their famous smart search to mention a few.

NUUO’s R&D have also put a lot of time and effort into storage management to help reduce costs with their trademark File Ring technology and volume grouping allowing users to manage the storage more efficiently and prolong the life of the hard drive. NUUO’s modular software design makes it easier to add in new features as they become available like NuFace facial recognition, licence plate recognition and AI/deep learning. This also allows for easy integration to third-party systems like access control.

Seamless integration

NUUO Mainconsole is the best choice when you have existing older analogue systems but want to upgrade to IP cams. It provides seamless integration between older and newer types of cameras. Mainconsole is also flexible. Choose from software + capture card option or software + capture card + certified hybrid machines to ensure optimum performance. The configuration option is limitless.

Trust NUUO’s Mainconsole 8.0 to support all your security surveillance requirements and keep you up to date with the latest technology in the market.


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