Reasoning with crime is like reasoning with death

November 2019 Home Security

Andre Mundell

Whilst many might find these excuses or reasons acceptable, I assure you that it is not. These excuses only serve one purpose and that is to quieten a person's conscience.

To be able to say, “Oh well, I don’t have the right security, but there is no money for it anyway or it not my responsibility, or it’s the procurement process and so on” seems to put their minds at ease… but it also puts a smile on a criminal’s face.

Now, let me ask you this: Do you think criminals care about any of these reasons? Do you think they even consider it?

Do you think a criminal will break into your house or business and when you tell him that you don’t have insurance and you don’t have the money to replace the stolen goods, that he will say “Okay, no problem, I will go somewhere else?”

Do you think a woman and her daughter will be spared and not be raped if she tells the criminal that there wasn’t any time or money to ensure that the security system covers the risks? That security is not her responsibility? Or maybe the excuses will prevent someone from getting killed?

A criminal does not care about that. All they care about is the opportunity to commit a crime. They already have the ability and desire; they just need the opportunity.

Homes, business, shopping centres, guesthouses and so on provide the opportunity on a silver platter when the security measures don’t eliminate the risks. Crime only happens where there are opportunities.

Opportunities are created where the risks are not dealt with.

The lack of security awareness and the lack of control over the security adds to the risk factor. The threat, in other words, the criminal, will always thrive where the opportunities are provided.

It is important to remember that crime is not race, gender or age-based, and it cannot be identified on face value.

Crime is faceless, raceless, genderless and ageless. A gentleman in a suit and shiny shoes could potentially be a violent criminal compared to a scruffy, petty thief that sleeps on the street.

No amount of reasoning or explaining will change a criminal’s mind. As long as there are opportunities there will be crime. As simple as that.

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