Live vehicle monitoring in estates

November 2019 Products & Solutions

eTrac is today’s solution to track and trace vehicles entering secured estates, whether couriers, contractors or visitors. It offers live real-time monitoring based on AI technologies.

When a vehicle requests access, the security guard at the gate places an eTrac on the vehicle using its powerful magnet in a high-visibility area of the vehicle, such as the bonnet. The security guard then scans the vehicle VIN number and driver’s licence.

The guard enters the eTrac ID number and once data is captured by the scanner, the vehicle enters the estate. eTrac can now track the vehicle every 30 seconds, monitor its speed, alert on entering no-go zones and being stationary for periods and in places not indicated when questioned at the gate.

When the vehicle returns to the exit gate, the guard reverses the process. If there were any problems within the estate during the day, the suspect vehicles can easily be traced by route history reports.

Key elements

Intelligence from constant 30-second data streaming.

Adding a new dimension of security monitoring of vehicles.

Ease of deployment, in a matter of seconds.

Track and trace of vehicles entering and roaming around an estate.

Powerful management tool – with reports and visual playback.

Instant alerts, on speeding and/or entering restricted areas.

Personal recovery device

In addition to tracking vehicles, BetaTrac also has a modified version of the eTrac, the eTrac-IR (Intelligent Recovery) for keeping people secure while working alone or when hiking out in nature.

The same eTrac pouch is equipped with a panic alert, a carabiner hook and belt loops so that the user can secure it, either on his/her belt or backpack. Etrac-IR has been designed for the leisure market (such as mountain biking, hiking, mountain trails, fishing trips, hunting), or high-risk lone workers (or even a backup for armed response personnel).

It has an endurance of three days in the field without recharging the battery; an additional battery carried would double the endurance to approximately six days, reporting the user’s location every two minutes.

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