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October 2019 Home Security

One thing that all South Africans understand is the importance of controlling who has access to their homes or small businesses. The security market is booming with people embracing more innovative ways of managing their access control.

However, it can quickly become a difficult and tedious task to do properly, especially if the small business starts expanding – time and resources that can better be spent on delivering more strategic value and growing the business.

Enter dormakaba ‘Evolo smart’, a more effective way of addressing this critical need for your home or small business.

Say goodbye to lost keys and hello to the easy programming of access rights via a smart app. With Evolo, you can open your doors using anything from an access card, key fob, or even a smartphone. What makes Evolo smart such a compelling offering is that you do not need any extra hardware to program your door components or change and cancel access rights. Everything can be managed from a user-friendly interface on your smartphone.

The matching dormakaba Evolo door components are standalone-operated. This means they are powered by a battery with no cables involved. For example, the dormakaba digital cylinder is inserted into the door instead of a mechanical lock cylinder that allows for easy dismantling later. If you do use conventional locking cylinders, you can switch to Evolo smart without any major installation having to be done.

In this way, dormakaba ensures that you protect your existing investment. If needed, Evolo access components can be integrated into other access solutions from dormakaba. This means your investment is guaranteed in the long term and can grow as your needs evolve.

From a business perspective, Evolo smart supports up to 50 users. This lets you easily manage all aspects of access control for your company. Whether it is new employees, service providers, or even night shift security personnel, you can decide who has access to your business and when. If an employee leaves or you change service providers, access rights can be deleted with the swipe of a finger, giving you the flexibility required to always ensure the protection of the physical access into your company.

And because Evolo smart runs offline, you do not even need to have a permanent Internet connection.

For those interested in implementing Evolo smart at home, its simplicity can give you the peace of mind needed that your loved ones will be protected. Access permissions can be time-limited and revoked whenever needed. This makes it perfect for the nanny, cleaner, even neighbours who are looking after things when you go on holiday. Plus, you do not have to worry about your children losing your house keys as you can give them a key fob to enter and leave.

The Evolo smart app on your phone also shows you who went in and out of your home at which times, providing further comfort levels that all is as it should be.

By digitalising the access control for your small business or home, you significantly improve security with a cost-effective investment. The dormakaba system also provides you with a foundation to expand into even more sophisticated access control solutions as your business needs change over time. The electronic locks become part of a bigger solution seamlessly.

You can find out more about Evolo smart at https://www.dormakaba.com/evolo-smart


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