Sentian secures funding from Imfezeko

November 2019 Editor's Choice

Cape Town based smart security technology developer Sentian has recently secured a round of funding from Imfezeko Investment Holdings.

Imfezeko is an investment holding company based in Johannesburg, investing in businesses operating in impactful industries including security, connectivity and related technologies. Sentian was started in 2013 by seasoned engineers Tigue Little and Trevor Lewis after being personally affected by home break-ins. The aim was to bring intelligence to security and to cater for South Africans’ security concerns and constraints. They also wanted to build intelligence that didn’t require an entirely new and costly rip-and-replace system.

Sentian’s launch product is a cloud-linked, edge-based, IoT smart hub that physically connects your existing intruder alarm system, CCTV cameras and home automation together, making them smart, easy-to-control and allowing them to do things they could never do individually. With typical security systems generating false alarms at rates of over 99%, Sentian empowers property owners to take back control by essentially placing a virtual control room in their pockets. When your alarm is triggered, a 12-second video verification clip is sent immediately to your phone. Sentian knows exactly which motion sensor was activated and uses the corresponding camera coverage to accurately inform you of what happened.

Sentian not only removes the often scary guesswork, but it also allows remote investigation and control through the Sentian mobile app, so property owners can respond appropriately to an event, as if they were actually on site, from anywhere in the world. Let your armed response team enter the estate via automated door access, turn on lights and watch them walk around the house on your cameras.

Sentian generates almost 50 000 push notifications per month, servicing sites across the country. The average property is accessed remotely almost 3 times per day, and user engagement and customer retention far exceed industry standards.

Sentian received its seed round of funding from Mark Forrester, co-founder of WooThemes, in early 2016, and since then has been focused on building out its technology platform to support its rapidly expanding B2C (business-to-consumer) business, and streamlining its independent installer channel support infrastructure. Sentian was also selected to be a part of the 4th Grindstone accelerator cohort.

Imfezeko takes a hands-on approach with active involvement in investee companies, bringing a wealth of experience and industry knowledge honed over the past two decades. The group holds interests in infrastructure, services and software businesses across the security industry value chain and is constantly on the lookout for exciting new opportunities. Recent investments include Vumacam and AI-powered autonomous video-analysis system iSentry.

Although undisclosed, the investment will enable Sentian to evolve and add to its existing platform, allowing it to both expand its current market reach, as well as gain access to new market opportunities.

For more information contact Sentian, +27 21 492 0777,,


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